Thursday, November 23, 2017


The Final Fantasy XV Expansion: Comrades is out!
This so called expansion is said to be regularly update.
I didn't follow the Beta (or Alpha?) test before, so I just wait until this expansion show up.
I played it, and here is the review of the game.

So for the story plot, you take the role as one of the Glaives.
You can make it male or female, your pick.
Then you decide your birthplace, which decided your early status.
Like if you choose Insomnia, then your magic power is higher than if you choose Galahad as your birthplace.
Then you decide your looks, only limited at the first time.
As you continue throughout the game, you can buy better stuff to dress up your character.

Dress up your character
Aside from your birthplace, to increase your status, you need to fully utilized your Arsenal.
Big difference from the main game is Comrade doesn't have Items to use.
Yup, no Elixir or Hi-Elixir.... And that means you can die FAST if you are not careful.
You can heal yourself with magic, but your MP can drains FAST.
Like Noctis, you use MP to warp and use magic.
However, unlike Noctis, you don't have item to heal your MP or revive as much as you like.
You also don't have accessory to defend from status attack, like instant death (yeah, looking at you, Coeurl...) or Confusion.

So how do you survive?
You use food!
Before the start of each quest, you are encourage to find some ingredients, which will be consume if your HP reach 0 (and no friend able to help).
During quest, you can also pick up some ingredients if you use the previous one.
At the end of the quest, those ingredients will be use to make food.
Most of the time, Monica will cook (I missed my Ignis...), but there are times when other character will cook for you.

Cindy's Summer Salad
In battle, you have access to 4 weapon. 
These weapons will determined your overall status during battle, so choose carefully. 
Each weapon will have different ability, which you can "manipulate" by infusing materials into them.
Thanks for Cid, you can upgrading your Arsenal.
Some weapon have small bar underneath each element, if you manage to fulfilled those bar, those weapon will change appearance and getting stronger.
That also means, you need to grind through Quest.

So, in Comrades, you need to gather Meteorite or Electricity power (KW).
You get it by finishing some quest that available.
There are a couple of different quest, like Defend, Escort, Hunt or Urgent.
Urgent Quest will open up new area, while the others will give you Meteorite Shards or items that you can use to expand the Weapon Store or Clothes Shop.

Pick your route
You can also use power to open up area that will save refugee, and once they are banded on the same location, you can choose one of them to be leader.
What leader you choose will determine the "reward".
You can get additional power, item, or even discount.
You can also meet some familiar faces, and have a fight with some of them. 

Watch out for his counter!

The Immortal
To improve your status, you can also use Sigil, power from the old Kings.
Opening their tomb will open Sigil that you can pick in your Gear option.
Each sigil have their own signature, like specialize in healing or giving boost.
Unfortunately, not all Sigil available yet. 
Square Enix will release the rest of the Sigils in the upcoming update, so just wait.

My overall impression...
Final Fantasy XV: Comrades is quite fun to play.
There are some minor glitch, but since this is the first version, I can wait for the fix on the upcoming update.
It have a decent challenge, so I'm quite happy.
I am quite bitter about the lack of item using, but... beggars can't choose, rite?
I hate Defend and Escort type of quest, but this is personal opinion only since the AI in these kind of quest is kinda sucks.
But this is an OK Expansion, not great but acceptable enough for me.

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