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When people decided to go to Japan, they usually pick Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto as their destination.
Japan actually has a lot of interesting city, and not only those three cities.
One of my favorite cities to visit is Sendai, located about 1 hour away from Tokyo using Shinkansen.
From Sendai, you can go to another interesting place, which is Matsushima!

What so special about it? Well, let’s find out then. :D
Sendai Station, A good place to start
Welcome to Sendai!
Sendai has lots of things to offers, ranging from food to interesting places.
However, for today I will be talking you all to Matsushima, a small place located about 1 hour away from Sendai.
To reach Matsushima, from Sendai Station, you need to take local line train to Matsushima-kaigan station. Check the schedule so you arrived at the mention station, and not before it.
Welcome to Matsushimakaigan Station!
Matsushima have a lot of interesting things to offer, and also great scenery for taking picture.
Grab a map from Tourist Information booth, located not far from the station. The map will make your travel a lot easier.
Take a stroll near the port, to see lots of island beyond. If the weather is nice, do not hesitate to ride a boat and see those islands closer.
When I come here, unfortunately, the weather is quite gloom, with small rain. I am not really a fans going on a boat during those type of weather.
Pretty nice view... :)

Found cute map during the stroll
First place you should visit is Kanrantei. It’s a small tea house with a great view, worth to see.
To add the experience, order some delicious beverages. Have a taste of delicious green tea with sweets for 500 yen, and enjoy drinking it while looking at the calm sea.
If you don’t like green tea, they also offer some other beverages, like sake.
After enjoying the view, do take a picture or two for memory.
On some occasion, they also have performance being held here, so check out the schedule of their website.
Hmmm, Green Tea....

Cold Sake, first time I taste this kind of sake... ^^a
Not far from Kanrantei, you could stop by at the Zuiganji Shrine. It’s free to walk around, but if you want to get inside the museum, you have to pay.
Before entering the Temple area, take a brief stop at the shop around the entrance since they sell one of the famous foods from Matsushima, which is Gyu-tan.
Pick your favorite! :D

Gyutan, or Beef Tongue, is a wonderful delicacy from Sendai. Not only they are famous, they also quite tasty. You can buy one and eat it at night for dinner.
If you want something to take home, try to take the pre-packed ones. I recommended the curry one.
There are other delicious goods that you can take home, and they usually offer free sample. Do give it a try to decide which one you want to take home… :P
So cute!! <3
Zuiganji Shrine is a nice place to talk a walk and enjoy the serene nature.  Also nice scenery to take a picture.
Once you finish exploring the Shrine and heading out, are enticed by the wonderful smell of the seafood grill, coming from a small house near the exit road.

You just can smell it....
Have a taste of a wonderful grill shrimp or squid, take a moment to savor the taste before buying another one.
Just another 5 minutes walk, and you reach Date Masamune Historical Museum. This is a very good place to learn about Date Masamune, a feudal lord who builds Sendai.
By showing passport, you pay half a price to enter. What I love about this place, they also have English version in each diorama.
After finishing with the museum, you can enjoy shopping some gift from the store.


Lots of things available, from food to T-Shirt. Even stuff that has Date Masamune’s Capcom looks…
Satisfied with your shopping, make sure to have a taste of Masamune parfait from a small café just across the Museum.
It’s hard to miss, with Masamune’s helmet as the front door. :D


There are 3 type of parfait, from one that you can enjoy alone to one that you can enjoy together.
The taste? Delicious. Perfect for that hot day or when you need something sweet.
Make sure you take a picture of it before you eat since it'll gone in seconds! :D

Also, do not forget about tasting another one of their delicious food, which is Kamaboko!
For Indonesian, Kamaboko taste a bit like Otak-otak but without the Peanut Sauce.
When I buy Kamaboko at the Sendai Station, they have ones with cheese and salami filling.
Make sure you grab one once you find them! You won't regret it!
Ooooh.... Heaveeeen... :D
Overall, Matsushima and Sendai is a beautiful and wonderful city to visit!
They held a lot of wonderful things to do and delicious food to taste.
Do not hesitate to come and visit there wonderful places. You won't regret it!
Now, where is my next Gyu-Tan Curry....

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