Monday, April 25, 2016


So, I bought Fire Emblem Revelation just after it was released a couple of weeks ago.
......... And I CAN'T STOP PLAYING!!
So many character to choose, and so many pairing to work with.
........ Yeah, I am insane.
The "bonus" did help a lot, so I can get some extra skill from some of the special skill.
Aether skill is especially helpful. :D
How did my gameplay goes?
Well.... Lemme put it THIS way...

I like good looking guys in my party when I play games.
People might saying some good looking guys is awful and not worth it when play...
But I learn to deal with it and look at it as a challenge.
People don't like using Bart in Xenogears, or Jr in Xenosaga...
While those two are ALWAYS in my party.
So, for Fire Emblem Fates Revelation...

Ryoma and Xander are my Tank and main Attacker, since their sword can attack both in long or close range.
Give Pavise and Astra for Xander, same with Ryoma, and they are almost unstoppable.
I don't know why, they activate critical with Astra so often, enemies will be down so fast.....
I did give Ryoma Lodestar Class once, and he shine even more.
Great job, Lobster Nii-san! XD


Leo is my main Magic Character, with Lifetaker skill and Vengeance, he shines even more.
Give him Lightning and he can strike 4x, and sometimes Critical 2 times in a row.
If I have extra time, I give him Astra skill, and I will laugh maniacally at the time he activate it when his HP is low.
Niles (or Zero) usually not far from his Lord (aka Leo). 
I usually assigned him as Sniper or Bow Knight, very useful for opening door or chest. 
Give him good bow, and watch him activate critical over and over again. 
As Sniper, he have extra job of healing, but I rarely done so. 
He also my MAIN PARTNER for my male character, so yeah... no Kanna or Nina in the male story arc. XD


Next one, Kaze is a must in my party.
He also my husband in female character's route, simple because he is the only character that can make my heart beat faster. XD
I give him Astra, then turn him into Master Ninja for his Lethality.
His Speed is amazing, and he is often activate his Critical too, destroying enemies from afar.
If I have extra time, I turn him into Paladin to learn Pavise, and he will maimed the floor with the enemies.
Siegbert is my additional attacker, especially if I make the Effie as Xander's wife.
Let him learn Pavise and Aegis, to lessen the damage, and have him turn into samurai for Astra or Great Knight for Luna.
I usually give him Killing Edge and Killer Lance, and he done a wonderful job destroying enemies.

The others... I usually change depends on my mood.
But mostly I use these 6 in my main party.
For healer, I usually rely either on Forrest or Elise.
Camilla also a good attacker, however since she ride Wyvern, she's a good target for the Archers.
MC is of course have the best stat of all, with most of the best skill available, so yeah... 
S/He is the best character ever in Fire Emblem Fates. ^^a

Fire Emblem Revelation have the best story, IMHO.
At least no one dies.... Oh wait, there is one.
........... Welp, she doesn't have any support conversation other than with the MC, which is weird because she seems pretty close to Ryoma, so I don't think she is THAT important for me.
The story is also longer, however the gameplay is a bit easier than Conquest.
So yeah, totally recommended it!

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