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So this is the "end" of Piers story from Phantasy Star Online 2.
It's not like I stop doing his story, he still show up time and time in another character's story.
He is still my main character every time I play.
His Gunner and Hunter already reach level 70, but until Episode 3 comes out, I think I will keep him as Ranger / Hunter.
But for now, just enjoy the story. :D

I do not know how long I was unconscious. But when I open my eyes, I know something is wrong. I can't see my left side and everything is blurry.

"Piers? Can you hear me?"
"Rat?" I winced. "Where are you?"
"On your left, buddy. Can you see me?"

I turn to my left and there Rat stood. He looks very worried and I can see Chroto sighs.

"Wha... How long you stood there?" I asked, wincing.
"Since you open your eyes." Rat answered.

I frowned immediately and it was then I noticed....

"I can't see my left side...." I murmured.
"Temporary only." Chroto cuts in. "The wounds on your left eye is pretty bad, so it have to be bandaged. Once it heals, you can see again."
"My wounds?" I touch my left eye and true enough, I can feel the bandage that cover my left eye. Then I remember... "Rubedo! Where is she? Is she okay?"

Rat looks the other way, avoiding me immediately, while Chroto is rubbing his neck.

"What? What happened? Where is she? Is she hurt?" I asked worriedly.
"She's... missing." Chroto sighs.
"What?" I stare incredously at Chroto. "Wh.. What do you mean she's missing? We found her, didn't we?"
"Piers," Rat stare at me. "What is the last thing you remember?"
"I...." I frowned as I try to remember. "We... found Rubedo. She was... confused and attacking us. She..."

I touch my left eye and I remember...

"She... my eye...." I lost my voice then. I can still feel Agito Orochi's sharpness when it made contact with my face.
"After that, while me and Echo busy taking care of you, she ran away." Chroto explained. "I found her communicator not far after that. We can't track her."

I stay speechless, I don't really know what to say.

"There's more." Rat coughed to catch my attention. "Piers, we believe that Rubedo is infected by D-arker."
"Wh... WHAT!?" I stare at Rat, shocked. "Th.. That can't be true..."
"We detect a hight intensity of D-arker where she fought before. It nearly leveled with Elder." Chroto explained. "This might end bad. So we need to find Rubedo fast. If she's not infected too far, Aki might be able to help."
"Then we need to find her." I started to wake up, but wincing in pain.
"Uh... no you can't. You are not well enough. Before that eye heals, you are not permitted to leave the Infirmary." Rat smiles. "We'll look for her."
"Trust us, Piers." Chroto assured me. "We'll find her."

I can only nods my head.


Three days later and still no words about Rubedo. I know Chroto and Rat has done their best to find her, but she just can't be found. My worries getting bigger and finally Filia release me from the infirmary.

"Welcome back, Master." Kojuro welcome me as I entered the Quarter.

I smile and nod, letting Kojuro finishing his maintenance. I sighs as I sit on my bed. I grab a mirror and see my reflection, there's quite a long scar on my left eye now, proof of Agito Orochi's sharpness. Filia told me that I was lucky that I even manage to keep my left eye. Apparently, Rubedo did manage to hold back her strength.

I got a scar on my left eye now....

"Hah...." I exhale loudly as I lay on bed, closing my eyes. "Where are you, Rubedo?"

I must've fallen asleep for a while when Kojuro wakes me up.

"Master, wake up! Please!"
"I'm up! I'm up.." I yawn as I stretch myself. Rubbing my eyes I look at Kojuro who looks worried. "Is something wrong, Kojuro?"
"Master, Nigredo found Miss Rubedo..."

How did she managed to get herself in the Cauldron!? And how did we managed to skip that section?! We were sure that she stay at the Skyscape, and BOOM! She suddenly managed to get to the Cauldron. Apparently, both Kojuro and Nigredo stays in contact after Rubedo went missing. In one of his item searching quest, Nigredo managed to spot Rubedo and went after her. Before doing that, he manages to contact Kojuro.


I snapped when Chroto grab my arms, stopping me.

"I know you are worried, but you need to calm down! Running without direction won't get you anywhere. You might get killed if you run around aimlessly."
"Y... You're right... Yes, of course." I take a deep breathe as I try to control my breathing.
"It's hot enough in here." Chroto wipped his sweating forehead. "Don't add it with your endlessly running."
"Sorry..." I glanced at Chroto and looks around. "Nothing in here..."
"Let's get on the next area." Chroto moves ahead of me, but stopped not long after that. "Damn..."
"What?" I approached him and I can feel my heart almost stop. "Nigredo!"

I runs toward his body that lay not far from us. I check any life sign to find none. I cursed, closing my eyes to hold all of my emotion.

"He's dead..." Chroto sighs as he kneel beside me. "Sorry to say... but his wound comes from katana..."
"I... It might done by someone else." I try to reasoned with Chroto.
"Piers..." Chroto sighs.

I can't believe if it really was Rubedo who killed Nigredo. How can she? She adore Nigredo. She won't stop talking about Nigredo when she created him. Buying him new clothes, giving him the best equipment that she have, she treated Nigredo like her own child!

"I contact the Gateship to collect his body." Chroto pats my shoulder and turning on his comm.

I notice the slash mark on Nigredo's body. Only something that sharp enough managed to get through that Varder's set. Something like Agito Orochi... I lowered Nigredo's body and massaged my forehead, trying to hold back my tears. It was then I notice...

"Blood?" I frowned as I noticed a drop of blood, still wet. Leading to the next area. It looks like it's dripped from something. Something like... "A katana..."

Without waiting for Chroto, I stood up and went to the next area. I can hear Chroto calling out for me, but I ignore him and went ahead to next area. Praying to all the deity that crossed my mind, I pray that I will find Rubedo. I don't really remember much after that, my body moves automatically to kill any enemies who try to stop me.

I was catching my breathe when I finally arrived at the last area. I forgot to breathe when I notice the person that I'm looking for stood in the middle of the area. Blood still dripping from her Orochi Agito as she stood watching the demise of the Caterdran.

"Rubedo!" I call out as I approached her. "Are you okay? Did you get hurt anywhere?"

She is not responding and I slowed down immediately. Something is wrong...

"Rubedo?" I frowned as I call her.
"What? I can't hear you. Speak up. Are you okay?" I ask again.
"I said, shut up!!"

Gasping, I do S-Roll to the side. Thanking whatever deity available that I am able to escape from her attack. That attack was no joke! It's Hatou Rindou!

"Rubedo! Are you out of your mind?!" I yelled.
"Shut up... You are too noisy. Everyone is too noisy... Everything is too noisy... Shut up.. Shut up... SHUT UP!" Rubedo screamed as she turn to me.

My eyes widened when I saw her. Half of her face has turn black, most of her left body also turn black. Her left eyes now turning blood red. She grins maniacally.

"All I need is peace and quiet... So I can be alone. After all... it is better to be alone..." She giggled. "No one will get hurt... No more blood... Blood... Did you see how much blood have stained my hands?!"

She show her hands at me then laughs.

"So much blood.... Blood.. Blood... BLOOD!!"

Without warning, she attack again and I dodged again.

"Get a grab of yourself, Rubedo! What will Captain said if he saw you like this!?" I try to reason with her.
"Captain?" She frowned then grins. "There is no Captain. Captain is dead... Because I can't protect him. I am not strong enough. I killed my childhood friend... blood... blood from his face.... He's dead... DEAD!"

Rubedo laughs again, and it shock me.

"I... I'm not dead, Rubedo! I'm here! Look, I'm still alive! You did not killed me! You held back just in time!"
"Oh?" Rubedo stop laughing, raising one of her eyebrows before grinning. "Then we have to fix that now, don't we?"
"Wha..." I blinked and slowly backing away.
"It won't do any good if you still alive.... She won't disappear that way..."
"She?" I frowned. "Who is she.... Who are you?"
"Who do you think I am?" Rubedo laughs again as she approached me. "I'm your childhood friend, of course. Don't you remember me?"

This looks.. eerily familiar.

"Are you... Dark Falz?" I asked slowly, my hand went to my Heretically.
"Well, I..." Her smile suddenly vanished and she winced, holding her head. When she look at me again, her eyes changes. "P... Piers..."
"Don't come any closer!" She yelled, stepping back. "S.. Something is inside me... I don't know what... it is. But it's.. taking control of me... Stay  back, just stay back..."
"Fight it! You can do it!"
"I can't... I can't!" She sobbed. "Omygod, Piers.... I killed Nigredo... This hand... This hands killed him! He was worried for me... I told him to return, but he still following me... And she... whatever inside me...controlled me... I KILLED MY PARTNER, PIERS!!"

Rubedo sobs harder as she falls down.

"Rubedo..." I kneel in front of her. "It is not your fault.."
"Kill me..."
"What?!" I frowned.
"Kill me.. now!" She grabbed my clothes. Her eyes looks desperate. "Before she took control of me again... Before I hurt someone else... Before I hurt you further..."
"A... Are you crazy!?" I protested. "Don't talk nonsense, Rubedo! I'll get rid of whatever inside you. I... I'll ask Aki, she might be able to help."
"Well, that's not nice..." Her tone of voice change suddenly. "Trying to get rid of me?"

My eyes widened and I try to escaped, but her grip is too strong. Next thing I know, I lay on my back with Rubedo on top of me.

"You're a nuissance... Seeing you bring back her fighting spirit.." She cursed. "And it's not good... So, why don't you be a good little boy and die!"

My breath hitched when I feel her arms around my neck and push. I try to loosen her grip, but she's too strong.

"Ru.. Rubedo, st.. stop... Snap... out of it..." I winced. I started to have a hard time breathing. "Y... You..."
"You know, you're a cute looking boy. No wonder she likes you." She whisper as she tightens her grips, making me gasping for air. "But she realized it too late. I'll let her weep on your corpse later..."
"W.. What..." My vision started to darkened.
"Rubedo! Piers!"

I can feel her grip loosened, so I draw my fist and punch her as hard as I can. She let go of her grip and I roll away from her.

"You ok?" Chroto approaches me. "What's going on?"
"So.. Something possessed her..." I cough, trying to get more air to my lung. "I think... it's related to D-arker."

Chroto immediately drew out his TMG.

"This is not good..." He cursed slowly as D-arker started to show up around us.
"Meddling ARKS..." 'Rubedo' snorted. "Well, you guys have your worth anyway. This woman shows up, confused, hurt, sad... But most of all, thirst for power."
"That's a lie!" I protest. "She's strong enough already!"
"But she failed in saving those who she cares about. Even better, she just hurt one of the people that she care about..." 'Rubedo' grin. "It is easy to lure her in..."
"You..." I gritted my teeth and aim my Heretically. "Get out of her body! Now!"
"No. I like this body." 'Rubedo' laugh. "Beside, can you hurt me? Can you kill me? The girl that you care about?"

My hand shakes in anger and desperation. Chroto looks around nervously, realizing more D-arker show up.

"Emotion is such a funny thing. Get attached it too much, and it will bring your downfall." 'Rubedo' smile then poin at us. "Kill them."
"Piers! Snap out of it! Let's take care of the D-arker first!" Chroto shout.
"Y.. Yeah." I nods and prepare myself.

We begin fighting, but waves after waves keep on coming until I hear Chroto scream.

"Chroto!" I turn at him worriedly.
"I'm fine... Just a scratch." Chroto winced as he hold his bleeding shoulder.
"Damnit..." I cover him and activate my Shift Bullet, pushing the D-arker back.
"I wonder how long you two can hold on?" 'Rubedo' smile. "Just give up and die already."
"Shut up!"
"Piers! Behind you!" Chroto shouts.

I turn around, but not quick enough since I can see the D-arker's blade is only inches away from my face.

"Hatou Rindou!"

Before the D-arker's blade reach me, it was blown away by the Photon Arts. The D-arkers suddenly stop their attack and scrambled away, confused.

"Rubedo?" I turn at her.
"I.... I won't let you hurt...him.." Rubedo winced, holding her Agito Orochi. "No more... Piers... now..."
"KILL ME!!!" Rubedo yelled. "NOW! Before she can control me again!"
"You... You got to be kidding me! No way! I won't do it!" I protested. "There's gotta be another way!"
"THERE IS NO OTHER WAY!" Rubedo shakes her head, tears started falling from her eyes. "Piers, please.... If there's anyone I can trust, it's you... I trust you to stop me... Kill me, now."
"I.. I can't... I can't..." I shakes my head, refusing this reality. "Why are you doing this to me!? I can't kill you!"
"Piers, think! If you didn't do it... she will strike other ARKS member." Rubedo try reasoning with me. "She might kill them!"
"I... I..."
"Stuborn... girl... How dare you...." 'Rubedo' winced. "Go.. back to.. sleep.."
"Piers..." Chroto called out. "Let's pull back for now..."
"No!" Rubedo snapped. "If you didn't do it now, there will be no other time! Now, Piers! You got to do it now!"
"I... I... Rubedo, please..." I beg shamelessly. "Not like this... Please not like this..."
"I never asked for anything else, Piers... Just this one... Grant it, please.." Rubedo pleads. "Kill me... End my misery.."

I lowered my head and bite my lips.

"Why..." I whispered. "You.. always being selfish. Always... ever since we were kids."
"Then let me be selfish again..." Rubedo smile. "Piers, please. Let me die, so the rest of you can live."
"You are asking Piers to do a hard thing, Rubedo!" Chroto protested. "This is too much for him!"

Rubedo just smile at Chroto, and suddenly her eyes change. She grab her Agito Orochi and dash at Piers.

"AAAAAAAA!!" I raised my Heretically and let out my Infinity Burst multiple times.

Chroto immediately lowered his head, cursing quietly. Rubedo's body shock when multiple bullets hits her body.

"You.." She coughs out blood and still approaching. "Pesky... rats..."

I dash ahead, taking over her Agito Orochi and stab her stomach with it. It was quiet for a while that I swear I can hear the sound of blood dripping.

"Piers... Thank you..." I can hear her whisper.
"You're a fool, Rubedo..." I whispered back, feeling tears rolling from my eyes.
"But I am your fool." She laughs quietly. "Right?"

I nods as I feel she wrapped her hand around me. I hug her back and lowered ourselves.

"Be the best ARKS... Do my part too, think you... can do that?" She ask, touching my cheek with her bloody hand.
"Yeah.... I'll do that." I nods slowly.
"She.." Rubedo coughs again. "She's gone... I can't feel her anymore..."

I tighten my embrace, kissing her hair.

"I love you, Piers..." She whispered, smiling as she comb my hair with her fingers. "And I just realized this... I love you more... More than Captain..."
"Yeah, I love... you too." I smiled back as I look at her.
"Life on, Piers... For my part too. Protect those who are dear... to us."

I nods again and she smile. God, she is so beautiful and I just noticed this as she kissed me.

"No more tears then..." She wipes my tears. "Smile... for me?"

I smile and she smile back. Her eyes closed and her smile froze. Her hand falls from my face and her body lays limp on my arms. All I can do is sobs over her corpse.

"Piers! Chroto!!"

I can hear Echo's voice calling out, but I don't care anymore. Nothing is matter for me anymore. Captain is dead... Rubedo also dead. Why should I fight anymore?


Rubedo and Nigredo's body was put in the same coffin, before being cremated. Their ashes was given to me, as her close relatives. I went to the Ruins and spread their ashes there, thinking that maybe in the same place where Captain perished, Rubedo might be happy.

I lost all of my will after that. I refused every Quest given, I refused to come out of my Quarter unless it is really emergency. I still keep Rubedo's Agito Orochi in my Storage. I don't have the heart to throw it away. I clean it up before putting it on the storage. 

For now, nothing matter to me anymore...


Matoi stood outside Piers' quarter. She lift her hand to knock, but lower it again before sighing.

"Can I help you, Miss Matoi?"
"Uwaa!" Matoi turn around. "I.. I am not suspicious person! I.. I just want to... to... areeee?"
"Down here."

Matoi turn her attention down and finally spot Kojuro who just return from his Item Searching Quest.

"Ah, hello.." Matoi waves, smiling. "You must be Piers' Support Partner?"
"Yes. How can I help you, MIss Matoi?" Kojuro asked.
"Uhm..." Matoi glanced at the door, then playing with her fingers.
"Do you want to see Master Piers?" Kojuro asked again.
"Will he... see me?" Matoi whispered. "I am worried..."

Kojuro think for a while, before nodding.

"He don't want to see anyone. But I think he will want to see you. Come in, please." Kojuro opens the door.
"Excuse me..." Matoi nods as she enter. The first thing she saw is the Agito Orochi on the wall. "Does that belong to..."
"Yeah, Master Rubedo. Master Piers still take good care of it." Kojuro answered as he stared at the balcony.

Matoi followed Kojuro's stare and notice that Piers was standing at the balcony. Matoi smile and nods at Kojuro before heading to balcony.

What is my reason to fight now...

"It's a nice view. I also like to look at the outside." She approached Piers.

Piers turn his head to look at Matoi and frowned.

"How did you..."
"Kojuro let me in. Don't be mad at him, I push him to let me in. I... I'm worried, Piers."

Piers frowning at first, but finally shrugged and back to his 'activity'.

"I do not accept any quest for now, Matoi." He mumbled.
"I know." Matoi nods as she stood next to Piers. "It's tackled already."
"Tackled?" Piers frowns again as he glanced at Matoi.
"Un. Your friends done it for you, didn't you know?"

Piers' mouth gapped open and Matoi giggled.

"I think their name is... Rattlesomething, Nanda, Eric, and... so many, I can't remember them all." Matoi smile. "Piers, you are not alone."

Piers' mouth shut and he blushed before looking away.

"I know, loosing someone that you love is hard... Even though I lost my memories, I just can... feel it." Matoi sighs.
"How well you know Rubedo?" Piers asked.
"Not much." Matoi giggled. "She scares me sometimes, looking so strict. And every time I saw her, she always look pissed off, so she look scary."
"Yeah, that's just like her..." Piers smiles. "Almost everything pissed her off. From quest to partner during quest, even selling item can make her annoyed."

Both of them laugh, before Piers exhaling a deep breathe.

"I missed her, Matoi... I missed our fight, I missed her voice, I missed everything about her..." Piers mumbled as he lay his head on his arms.
"Piers..." Matoi grab one of Piers' hand. "It's ok. Don't push yourself, take your time. You don't have to push yourself so much."

Piers turn his head at Matoi and smile.

"You are a weird one, Matoi. Shouldn't you... snap at me, because I've been such a drag lately?"
"U-un." Matoi shakes her head. "You are grieving. So it is understandable. Take all the time you need. I will explain it to others. Don't worry."

Piers didn't respon, so Matoi just pat his hand, smile and left. Piers sighs and massaging his forehead.

"Derpit.... Rubedo will kick my ass if she was here." He cursed slowly. "I let her down..."

Be the best ARKS... Do my part too, think you... can do that?

"What am I doing...." He murmured slowly.


"Look," Rebecca sighs. "I know you guys meant well. But I think you guys taking too much quest already."
"I can squeeze one more quest." Eric insist.
"I think I can delete this.. and this..." Nanda murmured as she delete some quest. "I can take 3 more..."
"I can still take 5." Rat said.
"You guys not listening..." Rebecca smile. "You guys are pushing yourself too far... This might end up bad."
"It's okay, Rebecca. I can handle the rest."

All of them turns to see Piers walking toward them.

"Hiya, guys." Piers smile and salute them. "Sorry for taking a break so long."
"You okay, buddy?" Rat asked worriedly.
"Yeah. A good visit from Matoi is all I need." Piers nods. "Rebecca, can you give me the rest of the quest?"
"Sure thing, Piers." Rebecca smile back.
"You guys do your thing. I can handle mine."
"Alright, but don't push yourself. Just shout if you need help." Eric pat Piers' back.
"Do your best." Nanda nods before running to other direction with Eric.

Time to wake up and get to work...

Piers approaching Rat and saluted him.

"Sorry to keep you worried."
"No worries, buddy." Rat waves his hand, smiling. "I'm kinda surprise you bounce back so soon."
"I have to." Piers answered back. "Otherwise, Rubedo's death will be for nothing. I promise her that I will fight for both of us... If I didn't do something, she will kick my ass when I get to the other side..."

Rat pat Piers' shoulder and heading away before remember something.

"Oh yeah, now that you're here... Echo wanted to see you." Rat told Piers.
"Echo?" Piers frowned. "Wonder why..."

After getting all the quest he can take from Rebecca, Piers search out for Echo. He find her speaking to someone.

Wonder why Echo needs me?

"Echo," Piers called out. "Rat said you wanted to see me?"
"Oh Piers!" Echo turns around and smile. "How are you feeling?"
"OK." Piers nods. "Nothing to worried about. Guess it's time for me to get out from the slum and getting back to work. Don't worry too much."
"Well, I am your senpai and it is my duty to watch your back, as Zeno always did." Echo sighs, but then quickly shakes her head. "A... Anyway, I need your help."
"Anything that I can do?" Piers frowned.
"Could you help her getting around the ARKS? She just assigned as ARKS, and not many people willing to help her." Echo glanced at her back. "And my work is pilling up..."

Piers blinked a couple of times at a girl who steps forward. Medium brown hair, with pearl that adorned the left side, and she is wearing light make up. Her green eyes stare at Piers before blinking a couple of times.

"I... I'm Makoto!" She bow. "I'm a Wizard. Echo-senpai said you can help me find my way around."
"Sure. I can show you around." Piers smile. "But don't ask for any advice about Wizard. I usually went Gunner / Ranger, but I do thinking about going Samurai / Hunter..."

Echo opens her mouth to ask, but closed it again. She kinda understand how Piers feels. The Class is one of their way to get close to the people they care about.

"Oh.." Makoto lowered her head. "So you can't help..."
"I'll help your way around." Piers assured her. "I think Eric can help you, since he guide someone to become a Wizard too. I'll introduce him to you."
"T... Thank you, senpai!" Makoto smiles.
"Uh..." Piers winced. "Just Piers will be fine..."
"That won't do!" Makoto protested. "You went in before me, so that makes you my senpai. I will call you Piers-senpai from now on, whether you like it or not!"

Piers blinks then laughs. Makoto's face immediately turns red and she lowered her face.

"You are interesting." Piers commented, still smiling. "Well, then... Pleased to work with you, Makoto."
"H.. Hai! Please take care of me, Piers-senpai!" Makoto bow. "I'm in your care from now on."
"Don't worry. I'll keep you safe." Piers promised. I won't let anything bad happened again to the people we care about, Rubedo....

Makoto and Rubedo

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