Friday, January 1, 2016


Hopefully I'll be able to spend more time in Phantasy Star Online 2!

So let's recap what are my impression after nearly 2 years playing the game...
1. AC
I need AC as soon as possible, not only to support the game, but also for fixing my skill tree and my Mag.
What is Mag? Well, you know, those little guys that floating next to you? :D
You can change their appearance too, I got reindeer looks for now. <3

2. NPC
Well, you can bring NPC characters into battle, you know that already, rite?
The benefit of bringing them? Once their affection maxed out enough, they start giving you items, and some of them can be quite useful.
But once they stop giving things, stop bringing them into battle (unless you just want to have fun).
Their attack is low and not really worth to bring. ^^;
However, try to fight them in story mode and BOOM! They become all super powerful and hard to beat (Yeah, I'm looking at you, Regius...)
But the most hated characters is PSO 2 is definitely goes to Monica and Dudu...


Hate these two so much....
They take away so much of my hard earned meseta.....

3. UQ
There are quite a lot of different UQ to go, from Dark Falz to exploring a certain area to fight boss at the end.
UQ usually means better equipment (armor / weapon) and also a good opportunity for farming exp.
However, if you want a better equipment, it depends on 2 things, which is luck and condition of the UQ.
For example, in Tower Defense 2, for a better drop, you must make sure that no towers falls.
Without team work, this can be hard to do, even with the help of walls near the towers.
If the MPA is reaaaally good, you don't need to gather crystal for photon cannon.
In TD, it is better to do less talking (unless to point out which tower need to be defended or when there's a bomb / infection) and more action.
In Loser UQ, better pray that you have someone who know Mirage and manage to open that clock ASAP, or you will burn those Rev Kits faster than you think...

Finding help is easier when you have team or friends.
I am so thankful that I managed to get a few friends that can help during mission, or whenever I need advice about equipment or PA.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a pretty nice game for me.
The story drives me crazy, but hey... I just enjoy it slooowly.
Keep on my own pace, no worries.
So hopefully in 2016, I'll be getting better in games. :D

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