Friday, June 12, 2015


Now for many of you who have visited Osaka and Tokyo, please do not forget to visit Nara.
I went to Nara while I was in Kyoto, and the journey itself took quite a while, so if you want to see everything in Nara, I advise you left a bit early.
From Osaka, it takes about 56 minutes to Nara.
From Kyoto, it takes about 69 minutes to Nara.
Nara is pretty big, and requires a lot of walking.
So prepare your legs and wear your most comfortable shoes before you head there!
.......... Actually, you should do this every time you go on a holiday. ^-^

Nara have 2 station, JR Nara Station and Kintetsu Nara Station.
When you arrived in Nara, head down to the Tourist Center to ask for map.
Most people will head East, where most attraction is located.
But if you have time, you can head West for more exploration.
Unfortunatelly, I don't have that time...
I take the JR Rail Pass, so of course I arrived in JR Nara Station.

From there, you can take a bus or walk.
Me and my cousin decided to walk, because we love seeing those little store along the road.
They have lots of interesting shop, either for food, clothes or souvenirs.
A bit of walk is kind'a nice...

About 15 - 20 minutes walk, we arrived in our first stop, The Three Story Pagoda.
Also in here, you might meet the first icon of Nara, which is DEER!
Prepare to see lots of them along the way.
The Three Story Pagoda is impressive, the wood carving is beautiful and looks majestic.
From there, you walk again to reach the Nara National Museum.
We didn't head inside, because my aunt is already waiting at Nara Park (she's taking a bus).

Oh yeah, you can buy Shika-Senbei (Deer Crackers) from local seller.
Be prepare, once those Deers saw you hold one, they will surrounded you.
They will nudge you with their head (or horns, if they have one), sniff or in rare occassion, bite your clothes.
Calm down!!

In my case, they ate a good chunk of my map... ^^a
Talk about hungry...

The local did warn not to pull it, but we will get lost without it.... Guess we were quite lucky since the deer didn't use their horns on us.
Some of the deer can be quite agressive, so be careful!

From there, we head to Todaiji Temple, again meeting lots of deer.
Watch your step too, since there's quite a lot of Deer's poop. ^^
Todaiji Temple is also impressive, do spend some time to head inside to admire it.
If you are tired, take a rest here and enjoy the pond or eat your lunch.
But remember the golden rule, no littering!
Nice temple, all red, worth to see!

We head to Kasuga Taisha Shrine after that, making a few stop along the way.
We see the Great Bell, Nigatsu-do Hall, Sangatsu-do Hall, Tamukeyama Hachimangu Shrine and stop for a break in Wakakusayama Hill.
This place is full with people taking break and having picnic on the hill.
Again, you can also find deer here, sometimes in front of the shop where they hide from the sun.
Wide space, people can sit here and have lunch

This deer just don't care....

I almost gives up here, because the road is uphill and for me that means extra works. XD
But with encouragement, I finally found motivation to continue on.
Kasuga Taisha is as impressive as others, it is too bad that we aren't allowed to take a picture on the inside because there's a ceremony being held.
The Wisteria has all withered down, so I missed the time, but I am sure it was beautiful.
My last stop, the Kasuga Taisha Shrine

From there, we walk back to JR Nara Station and head back to Kyoto.
If you want souvenir, lots of things to pick from.
Lots of souvenir with deer trademark on them, so you can pick your favorite.
Nara is almost the same as Kyoto, full of interesting history.
The people, like people in Kyoto and Osaka, are very friendly too.
If I am not limited to time, I'll probably spend the whole day here.

Deer everywhere...

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