Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I love playing Hidden Item Mysteries Games!
Mystery Case Files is one of my favorite.
Becoming Master Detective is always fun and I have fun by nearly gluing my eyes to the monitor, trying to find those annoying little things that usually hidden in the corner.
The latest one that I have is the newest title!

Mystery Case Files 11 - Dire Grove Sacred Grove 

And here is my review!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


If you have played Tales of Xillia-2, there is 1 thing that is quite annoying, which is...
Yes, 20,000,0000 Gald is not easy to find, even doing quest it will take a while.
Many people said that the easiest way to gain lots of money to pay your debt is playing Poker.
Using Poker, you can trade chip and take Iolite Ore, which you can sell for 20,000 Gald.
But I can't play Poker and I usually ended up losing most of the time.

However, I do manage to clean the debt!
Sure it take a while, but I am perfectly happy because it add level for my characters!
... Since I love grinding.
Here is my way for repaying Ludger's debt.....

1. New Game+
In Grade Shop, get 2x Gald (300), 5x Experience (2000) and Inherit Accessory Item (500).
If you want to clear the debt without New Game+, you can do it the other way.
Which is Poker, buy Iolite Ore and repeat....

2. Equip Sephira + Lottery
Once you start your New Game+, equip Sephira to one character that you will always use (in my case, Ludger).
If you can get Blue Sephira (from Nia Khera) in your previous game, that'll be nicer.
Lottery is one of Leia's skill, but Ludger will have access to it once Leia's Affinity reach level 1.
The skill doesn't stack, but bringing Leia and Ludger (with Lottery) will give bigger chance for the skill to  be activate.

3. Food
Alway bring Mabo Curry with you and eat it when fighting monster.
When you run out, go back to the nearest town and buy another.
I always have Small, Medium and Large portion ready before entering dungeon.
Then I pick my enemies, those plant enemies (like Tree and stuff) usually give more Gald than the others.
I also abused the Encounter Link, to save food effect.

4. Finish the Game
Yes, you heard me.... Finish the game,  in other words... You should kick ******'s a** as soon as possible.
Save your game and load.
Doing this, you will start on the last save point on the Land of Canaan.
Head back to Spirius Corp and meet up with Nova and her sister (forgot her name) to open up the new Ex-Dungeon.
To explore the dungeon, you have to pick a character who have 8 heart on the relationship.
So start abusing those Friendship Potion.... I strongly suggest you bring Elize with you.
The enemies in the Ex-Dungeon will give you lots of money and Exp,
Combine it with 2x Gald, 30% more Gald (Food Effect), Sephira / Blue Sephira and Lottery (both with Ludger and Leia), and you can grab lots of Gald in no time at all.

There are no save point in this dungeon and you return to the beginning of the dungeon when you beaten 2 boss (that means 4 floor of random dungeon) or the boss beaten you.
With the first money that you have,  buy new equipment in Fenmont.
Then beat up the new Ex-Rare Monster, for more money!

I spend hours in the Ex Dungeon and after beating 8 bosses, Ludger''s finally pay his debt clear!
The benefit that I got from here:
1. Lots of Material that I can sell
2. Silver / Gold Dice that you can use on the Poker game
3. Level up - I reach level 150 here and still going
4. Money

So, yeah...
It might not be the best way and may take lots of times, but it works for me.
If you are better in playing Poker, maybe Poker is your best bet.
For me... This is the way that help me earn the PERFECT BODY Trophy!
Yeaaaah!!! ^-^b