Thursday, October 23, 2014


It's almost halloween and I almost finish two of  survival horror games!
Because I play them both almost at the same time, I've decided to make one review for both game!
Which is....

                      ALIEN ISOLATION        +   THE EVIL WITHIN

So, here we go!

For story wise, I like the story on The Evil Within more.
Alien Isolation offers nothing new, and the story is a bit predictable if you are a fan of the series.
However, I do think that Alien Isolation have a far more interesting story than Alien: Colonial Marines.
While Evil Within do have some weird moment and the dialogue can be a bit lame, their story is interesting enough... At least it manage to captured my attention long enough to finish it.

In Alien Isolation, you're controlling Amanda Rippley, who is Ripley's (Aliens Trilogy protagonist) daughter.
Amanda is looking for her mother who went missing (see Alien, if you haven't) and before you knew it... BAM! You have to stay alive from a lot of threats.
In Evil Within, you're controlling Sebastian Castellanos, a veteran police detective sent to investigate Beacon Mental Hospital.
From a "normal" homicide case, it went tumbling down...

What can go wrong in Mental Hospital?

One thing that I realize about myself that I am sucks in stealth!
But when playing Alien Isolation, whether I like it or not, I NEED TO BE STEALTHY!
Aliens in this game are killer machines, they WILL kill you once they notice you.
No use in running or trying to kill them because they WILL outrun you and they will CATCH you and they will KILL you without hesitation!
When you see this.... You are screwed!

You need to be quiet while moving, and although you can use the motion tracker to know where the alien is, the noise can attract them to you. So, Ssssssst....
Like I said, you can't kill Aliens, however once you have a Flame Thrower, you can push them back.
When you don't have Flame Thrower, you need to use your surrounding to survive.
You can hide and hold your breathe, hoping that the Aliens won't notice you. But you can't hide forever, because the Aliens will find you if you're hiding too long.
Other thing you should worry about, is the androids "Working Joe"s. Fortunately, you can kill them using most of the weapon that you've found.

In The Evil Within, you also have to be stealthy, but not always.
You can sprint to run away from most threats, however there are some enemies who are persistent in chasing you until you blow their head off.
Getting killed in Evil Within can be quite easy if you neglect to pay attention to your surroundings.
Traps are every where and if you are not careful, you can say bye-bye fast.
But these traps can also saves your life if you're careful, just lure the enemies to the trap and use it against them.

Ammunition is spare, but I strongly suggested you upgrade your stamina and make lots of arrow ammunition. They become pretty useful when fighting bosses.
Bosses needs plan before they are killed, and dang, they ARE annoying!
They chase you all over places and if you are not careful, say bye-bye to your head...
You can hide, sure... But (again) the enemy would find you if you didn't act fast enough.
Can be quite frustrating and you might die a couple of times before finding out the best way to survive.

Watch your head....

Between Evil Wihin and Alien Isolation, Alien Isolation have a better challenge.
The adrenaline rush is obvious in Alien Isolation, because the Alien's AI is unpredictable.
Not only that, the save point are very limited and there is no auto-save.
Meaning if you die after doing a lot of things, you have to do it all over again.
The tension when playing Alien Isolation is HIGH!

The graphic in The Evil Within and Alien Isolation is pretty nice.
But like I said so many times, graphics is not really my thing when playing games....

I rated both games 8 out of 10.
They both have pro and cons, and depends on your cup of tea, you might like one better than another.
Both games also have enough jump scares and able to pump your adrenaline.
Alien Isolation is harder than Evil Within, so if you are looking for more challenge then Alien Isolation is your choice.
For me, I'd prefer the psychological thriller of Evil Within.

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