Wednesday, September 17, 2014


So, yesterday someone asked me to join playing a game... a card game.
It is called "Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game"
I don't usually interested in playing card game, but my friends managed to convinced me to join.
........ IT'S FUN! ^-^

Basically, the point of the game is making a story to fit the END card.
To play, you are given a couple of cards (depend on how many people are playing). There are couple of cards, like Character Cards, Places Cards, The Ending cards and so on.

From the cards, you have to make a story that reasonable enough to reach the Ending cards. It sounds simple enough. HOWEVER, the other player can interrupted your story if one of two things happened.

1. They have a card that related to your story
Example :
Your story : The Queen is wise and beautiful...
Other player: I have the beautiful card! So I will continue on. The Queen is wise and beautiful, but she's actually a witch! And eats children at night!

2. They have the Interrupted Card
The Interrupted Card can be used depends on their type. Interrupted Character Card can be used whenever other player used their Character Card.
For example:
Your story: A long time ago, there lives a Princess (character card)
Other Player: No, an old man! (put interrupted character card)

If you can't continue your story, because your card didn't support your story or you just run out of ideas, you can pass and take 1 other card. If someone interrupted your story, you have to take 1 card. However, if you interrupted the story and can't continue, you have to take 2 card.

The key to win the game is to make a story that end with your THE END card!
If you think The End card only have,"And they live happily ever after.."....... YOU'RE WRONG! XD
The End card have quite a lot of variety and some of them have twisted ending.
Making your story to match your ending is quite a challenge, but that's what makes it fun.
It can turn into a wonderful story, or end up twister or humorously.
I enjoy playing this game, maybe you want to try to!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


I like LINE.
Mostly because they have cute stickers that managed to expressed my emotion.
I like those stickers, but not the cute ones.
Mostly the one that I have are taken from anime or game.
So far I got City Hunter, Professor Layton, Saint Seiya and Uta no Prince.
The other usually a gift from friends and I rarely used it.

But lately, a local product sticker catch my interest.
Meet GON!

This little onion have many expressions and have to admit that he looks kinda cute. ^_^
Made by Monster Diary Studio, this cute onion only cost IDR 9,900. 
I don't know about you guys, but I like all of the faces that he makes. XD
If any of you like onion, like me....
You can grab the sticker through the link here!