Monday, May 26, 2014


Many friends have asked me every time they plan to go to Japan,"Where should I go in Japan?"
My answer is always the same..... Depends on your interest.
If you have time (and money, of course), knock yourself out and explore Japan until you are fully satisfied.
But if you don't have both, of course you have to choose your best interest and go to the city of your choice.
I haven't been to a lot of town in Japan, so I can't really give good advice.
But here is my opinion...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Time out!
So, I play games mostly on console.
I never pay interest on gaming online, mostly because I prefer to play alone.
I don't like PvP and I don't like tournament.
Even though I am a console player and PS3 did assist Online, I rarely went online to play.
Most of the Online Games have no story, just roam endlessly.
However, Rusty Hearts did managed to capture my attention.
I loves the character's design, but most of all I love it because it have story!
I am really curious about the characters and the antagonist.

Basically, there are 4 characters (Class) to use.
Frantz, Angela, Tude and Natasha (not available on the pic).
Each character have 3 type of weapon.
Frantz with Sword, Axe and Double Sword.
Angela with Magic Sword, Scythe and Glaive.
Tude with Gauntlet, Claw and Demon Hand.
Natasha with Revolver, Rifle and Weapon Bag.

The game genre is hack and slash, with dungeon crawler.
Basically, we accept a quest, enter the dungeon to finish the quest then report back.
This can be quite a boring task, but I loves the interaction between us and the NPC.
They always have absurd dialogue and I can't help but connected to them.
The town is small enough, but it will get larger once you get further down on the story.

Dungeon can be explore alone, however when exploring Very Hard Mode, it's a lot easier using Party.
At the end of the dungeon, boss awaits and some of them are really annoying. 
But they do give challenge here and then, especially when they drop Soul Piece on Very Hard Mode.
The Soul Piece can be use to make stronger weapon and like all games, stronger weapon means easier battle.
After killing the boss, you will be grade and can choose card. 
You can get Gold or item, however item only appear whether you pick up any Rare Card (Bronze, Silver or Gold Card) when exploring or not.


Of course because of limited character, their appearance can be quite dull.
That's when Costume come into play. Yes, I can play "doll" with Frantz! ^-^
Why I pick Frantz? Well, I'd prefer choosing a good looking character, so it motivates me more.
There's tons of costume to try out, and I already have my eyes on some of them.
But Frantz's costumes always problem with HAIR! XD
I didn't like the hair too much, so I think I will stick with the original one.
Angela also have pretty nice costume.
I guess girls character always have prettier costume... ^^a

Overall, I think Rusty Hearts is pretty nice online game.
Probably because I always like hack and slash game.
Sure, there are some puzzle in dungeons, but nothing THAT hard, so I can ignore it.
The action is fast and the combo is not difficult.
You can play with gamepad too, but I prefer using keyboard.
Lots of "subquest" available, like Fishing and Farming.... But I think I will be too busy exploring dungeons.

Right now in Indonesia, Rusty Hearts is on CBT.
So I have to be little patient to truly play the game to it's fullest.
I am also feel curious about the story, especially about Frantz.