Sunday, February 16, 2014


So last Sunday, my aunt took me to one of the musical show by Jakarta players
It's my second one to watch it, the last one was last year.
The last one I watch was Broadway ke Java. and it's really beautiful.
Impressed by the last performance, I decided to accept my aunt's invitation to watch the next one.

I am not really familiar with musical or Broadway, so the title Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat didn't sound familiar.
I do know Andrew Lloyd Webber and most of his song is quite nice, so I think I can enjoy the performance quite well.
After enduring children singing "Do you want to Build a Snowman" and "Let it Go" on the hallway (my niece also singing the same song over and over again at home), I enter the show hall and let myself enjoying the show.

The Biblical saga of Joseph and his coat of many colors come to vibrant life in this delightful musical parable. Joseph, his father's favorite son, is a boy blessed with prophetic dreams. When he is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and taken to Egypt, Joseph endures a series of adventures in which his spirit and humanity are continually challenged. Set to an engaging cornucopia of musical styles, from country-western and calypso to bubble-gum pop and rock 'n roll, this Old Testament tale emerges both timely and timeless.

Here are some pictures that I managed to take.
It's a bit blur because I am only using my smart phone and I am not really good taking photo with moving object... ^^





The Pharaoh is portrayed as Elvis and it really makes me laugh! XD


This is Elhaq Latief who plays as Jacob
Have to admit that he have a strong voice.



Overall, I think the show was awesome and the performance is brilliant.
I enjoy watching the show and can't help laugh here and there.
My favorite song is got to be Benjamin Calypso.
Good work, guys!
I can't wait to watch another one of your wonderful performance!


  1. Looove the review...! : )
    Nice to have visited your blog.
    Mudah2an next show nonton lagi ya..
    C ya!

  2. Udah pasti dong! ^-^
    Jadi ketagihan nonton Jakarta Players. <3

  3. Ahahahaha Benjamin Calypso! Thanks for saying that. Nice blog.