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If you are a gamer, there are 2 events that I am sure you would like to come.
The first one is E3 in Los Angeles, which is hard to reach for us, Indonesian.
Applying visa for US is HARD for us, and more expensive too...
So, the next option is Tokyo Game Show.
Which is a bit easier to reach than Los Angeles. ^^a
These are the pictures from TGS 2011, the first one that I've attended.


Here are some tips if you ever decided to go to TGS in the upcoming years!
Oh yeah, do remember that TGS usually being held in 2 session.
* The Media session, which is closed for public and can only be attended by media or those who works in Gaming Industry. Usually, there's no cosplay during these session.
* The Public session, which is open for public. Lots of cosplayer comes in these session, more people comes and a hell lot crowded than the media session.
Both of this session usually being held for two days each, so in total TGS runs for 4 days.
Starts at 10.00 and ends at 5.00.

Depends on where your accommodation is located, it can take about 30 minutes from Tokyo Station.
The station you are looking for is Kaihimmakuhari, take Departure Track No.2 to get there.
The train usually crowded when it's leaving from Tokyo Station, but don't worry.
That's because a lot of the passengers will left when the train reach Maihama, where Disneyland is located. 
Once the train has arrived at Kaihimmakuhari, leave the station, take the left exit and follow the road.
Usually there are people who's holding TGS signs, directing your way to Makuhari Messe, where TGS is being held.
There are some coin locker in station and if you arrived early in the morning with a lot of luggage, I suggest you try to find an empty locker and use it.
The Makuhari Messe also have coin locker, but usually it's filled up quite fast.
They also sell food, but not far from Makuhari Messe, you can find a small mall where you can buy burger or Yoshinoya.
There are also vending machine inside, it's usually located not far from toilet.

Did you come to the AFA ID in Jakarta last year?
If you did, then you have a brief glance of what to expected in Tokyo Game Show
Waiting in line is common in Japan and you have to deal with it, their queue is neat and straight.
Gates opens at 10 o'clock SHARP, but if the lines is getting too crowded, they might open it sooner.
People usually already lining up since EARLY in the morning, a friend told me that they already waiting in line since 5 - 6 o'clock in the morning.
So you can imagine how long the line will be around 9 - 10 o'clock.
If it's too full inside, you might have to wait outside for about 30 minutes - 1 hour, so be patient.

And if you think you have finished queue, you are wrong.
Once you manage to get inside, the developer's booth have a lot of games that you can try.
From console to mobile games, they have a lot of variety of games.
If you have finished playing, usually you will get a wonderful merchandise from the developer.
However, before playing, you need to queue first.
Depends on the game, the waiting time can start from 30 minutes - 2 hours. ^^;
You can try the game for around 10 minutes, maybe more, depends on the game.

When you want to buy TGS merchandise, you can find them in the booth like this.
They can be easily found outside or inside the hall, and they sell unique TGS merchandises, like T-shirt, bag and even manju.
Word of caution, take care of your wallet when entering the Merchandise Area.
Usually they sell a lot of stuff that you might be hard to find in Tokyo, choose carefully.
There might be a bit of price difference, but not much.
The Merchandise Area sells a lot of things, from key chain to Music CD.

Other than that... Enjoy! ^-^

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