Friday, January 24, 2014


OK, a bit out of date...
But let's talk about one of my favorite game in PS2... Which is also show up on Wii and PS3.

I love Okami and IMO, it's one of the best PS2 games I've ever play!
First released on 1996, I was reluctant to try it because I was shocked by the noises they make every time they speaks.
There's no words, just some nonsense noises that makes me laugh.
It takes a while, but I finally getting used to it and enjoyed the game.

You will play as Amaterasu, or Ami as Isshun calls her, a white wolf with the power of Japanese God.
You lost your Celestial Brush, which is the weapon that Amaterasu need to beat the evil spirit.
So you went on the journey to find all of the brushes, beat the evil spirit and safe Nippon.
Like  most RPG, Amaterasu met a lot of people along the road.
The most memorable one is definitely Waka, he's one of the comic relief on the game.

I laugh, cried and really having fun playing the game.
The story is one of the strong aspect of the game, IMO.

The Okami's art is BEAUTIFUL!!
The whole environment is colorful, it looks like it's hand-drawn!
I can spend hours not doing anything, so Amaterasu will yawn and lay down to rest.
So pretty..

Using brush, Amaterasu can manipulate elements, like water or wind, and she can use it to beat enemies.
She can freeze them, strike them with lightning, throwing fire at them and many other things.
But beside those brushes, Amaterasu also have three type of weapons, which is Reflector, Rosaries and Glaive.
Some enemies (excluding boss) can't be beaten by brute force and needs Amaterasu's brushes to beat.
For example, a demon crane with a sword and an umbrella.
He always block Amaterasu's attack with his umbrella then counter attack with his sword.
To beat him, you have to make a wind to blow his umbrella and while he's busy holding his umbrella, you can strike him easily.

Brushes can also be use to make Cherry Tree blossom, travel across the water and so on.
When you used the brushes, the screen turns into kind of black and white where you can draw something.
You only have limited time to use it and better do it fast or your ink will run out.
This can be quite troublesome, especially when you are facing bosses.

Another beautiful aspect of Okami is the music.
It's beautiful and suit with every aspect of the game.
The winning theme and the world map music is just... takes my breathe away.

Okami is a masterpiece!
True that there are some people who just can't stand the noise or might said that the game is too shallow or so on...
But I LOVES this game, from the story to the music... Very addicting.
IMO, Okami is lot better than the sekuel, Okamiden...

Okamiden might have a cuter main character, but the battle is a bit more troublesome with controlling other character aside Chibiterasu.

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  1. typo.. I think you mean 2006 not 1996..
    I dont think the story is shallow.. with time travelling and some twists..
    salah satu masterpiece di ps2.. sayang penjualannya katanya kurang sukses ampe clover studio bangkrut (and yes im buying the rp5000 pirated one) semoga masih ada sekuelny mengingat okamiden ceritanya jg menggantung