Friday, January 10, 2014


Just a simple girl who enjoys playing games.
Making this blog just to share what I think about games.
Do keep this in mind as I sometimes write in English and Indonesian.

I like playing games, but I won't dare to call myself a master in gaming.
I'm an average player in gaming.
My first game was King's Quest on PC.
My first console was Sega Genesis, even though it was originally my cousin's.

My first game was Street Fighter, don't remember which one though.
At that time, I mostly stuck only with Fighting genre, arcade includes.
My most memorable fighting game is Virtua Fighters 3 and Soul Calibur.
Then one of my friend introduced me with RPG genre.
Ever since then, I'm falling in love with this genre.
Even though I'm mostly playing RPG, I play Action, Horror and other genre too.


  1. Kalau saya, game Puzzle Booble!
    Lalu lanjut ke Game Gear dan SNES, lalu Playstation 1. Setelah itu, jarang main game konsol lagi. Lebih milih baca komik dan nonton anime...

    1. Gue dah berapa tahun tuh nggak beli komik. Komik terakhir yang gue beli Sengoku Basara. XD