Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Got sick because drenched wet yesterday...
Right then, for now I am going to switch back to game.
Now I'm going to make a review for...

This game is exclusively for Xbox One and one of my friend just happened to buy one.
We haven't download the latest update... 
13 GB is quite big and considering the condition of Jakarta right now, where the internet connection is not stabilized, I don't think we can download it anytime soon.
On with the review!

Like the previous Dead Rising, you play as a survivor from zombie attack at a city called Los Perdidos.
The survivor name is Nick Ramos and he have a tattoo of '12' on his neck, which will become clearer as the game progress.
Storywise, nothing really new about the plot, almost the same like before, but with different character.
You got limited time to find a way out of Los Perdidos and along the way, you meet enemy and ally.
The game also have multiple ending, depends on couple of things.
I don't really have any complain about the story, but I have no compliment about it, either.

The point of the game is to survive, with anything that you can find.
A lot of things is available for you to pick up and some of those can be combined into a new and more powerful weapon.
However, they have limit in usage and will be destroyed once you reach a certain amount of use.
The neat thing is you don't even need a work bench to combine weapons, you can do it anytime and anywhere... Even in the middle of boss battle.
You can use the voice activation to do some action, like dropping items or attracting zombies.
But I'd prefer using the controller, less hassle....

Along the main story, there are some quest that you can do.
But like always, the streets and buildings are infested with zombies, so either you kill them or outrun them.
You can also meet some people that you can save, they also will give you EXP, so try to save as much as possible.
Oh yeah, the AI is better than the previous one and the people that you saved won't die easily.
They can be taken to the boss fight, and can survive quite a long time. 
Once you saved them, they will find a way to safety by themselves so you don't have to escort them to the safety zone anymore.


Like before, once you level up, you gain Attribute Point which you can use to upgrade your status.
You can upgrade Life, Inventory, Melee, Ranged, Mechanic and other things.
The problem that I encounter is grabbing item, especially if they are clustered too closed to each other.
I intend to grab the health recovery item, but instead I grab another weapon.
Can be quite annoying, especially if I really need to heal myself...

You can ride a lot of vehicles, from car to cool motorcycle.
Ride 'em then use them to hit the zombies on the road, quite fun for a while.
Some boss battle can be dull, but there are some that's quite challenging.
Killing zombies can be fun, but judging that they never end, I get bored in the end.

Dead Rising 3 actually don't really impressed me much, it's almost the same as Dead Rising 2 with some improvement in gameplay.
The graphic is actually not THAT great... Which is kind of a let down, considering this is the new generation of game console.
However, if you do enjoy Dead Rising series, I am sure you will have a blast with Dead Rising 3.

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