Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Well, 2014 will be over in just a few hours.
Before this year end, let me remember what games that I've finished lately.... replay or start a new.
Some of the game is not even new... ^^a
Let's see....

- Shin Megami Tensei IV
- Tales of the World Reve Unitia

- Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
- Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
- Thief
- Dynasty Warriors 8:Xtreme Legends
- Star Ocean The Last Hope
- Wild Arms
- Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate
- Murdered: Soul Suspect
- Tales of Xillia 2
- The Evil Within
- Dynasty Warriors 7
- Sengoku Basara 4

Wii U
- Bayonetta 2
- Fatal Frame: Oracle of the Sodden Raven
- Hyrule Warriors

Lots and lots of Hidden Item games

Games that I haven't finished:
- Destiny
- Final Fantasy XIII-2
- Alien: Isolation
- Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

Please note that I don't own Wii U and I played it on my friend's house.
This year, I missed quite a lot of games, because I am too busy.
Oh well....... *shrugs*

Saturday, December 27, 2014


For Part II, I will put in the Accessories, how Friendship work and how to play.
I will also explain about how Ex Mission and Ex Map works.
So, the next part I will start the walkthrough on Terun's side first.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


So I decided to make a walkthrough of Tales of the World Reve Unitia.
Just to help anyone out there who can't read Japanese, but want to play.
However, I'm making this walkthrough on Bahasa Indonesia.
If there's anyone who want the English version, just let me know and I'll be happy to make one for you.
I will separate it into a couple of parts and here's part 1.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Okay, I admit it...
When I saw the trailer, I immediately vow that I got to have it!
But considering that I do not  have 3DS Japan Region, I don't think I can have it.
After thinking and arguing and meditating, I finally decided to ask a friend who have a 3DS Japan Region to buy the game, 50-50.
She lend me her 3DS too, and recently I am off to another world to play it.
I am talking about...

I am a fans of Tales of series, ever since I've played Tales of Destiny on Playstation One.
Even they don't really improved drastically in the graphics section, I never pay any attention to it.
I mean, I've played Tales of Hearts in CG Edition and it's just feels weird....
So I am glad that Tales of series decided not to go over the top for the graphics.... ^-^
Now, to the review!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


What? Sony Playstation is 20 years old already?
Gesh, I didn't realize it...... I'm old!!!
Anyway, let's do a little reminiscence.

I play games since I was little, starting with Game & Watch.
Then head to PC, where I play Digger, Lode Runner, Pac Man, Donkey Kong and many more.
I loves King Quest, even though I only finish the 2nd one. ^^a
The first console that I know is not actually Sony, it's Sega Mega Drive and it's not even mine.
It belongs to my cousin, so I occasionally comes over to play.
And the first game that I play is Sailor Moon.
After that I started playing Street Fighters and some other games.

The first console that I've played

When I was in High School, my cousin bought Playstation and managed to drag me into playing it.
Most of my first game is fighting genre, like Soul Calibur, Street Fighters and so on.
When I was in college, a friend of mine introduced me to my first RPG, which is Wild Arms
I guess that was the first time that I've fallen in love with RPG, especially J-RPG.
Wild Arms is my most memorable RPG, because I was stuck in De la Metallica for two weeks!!!
....... Internet access was limited at that time, so I have to try by myself and asking here and there.
When I finally finished Wild Arms, I cried because it feels good to save the world.
I continue saving the world in my second and also my all time favorite RPG, Final Fantasy VII!
...... And I keep saving the world until today,actually. ^^a

My second console that I've played

I have lots of fun with Playstation, trying all kinds of games.
Bishi Bashi (almost destroying the controller), Final Fantasy VIII, Xenogears, Suikoden and many many more.
I even borrowed my cousin's Playstation to play at home.
Then when Playstation 2 comes out, I started saving like crazy to buy one.
Accompanied by one of my friend, I bought Playstation 2 and loving it!
I keep continuing saving the world with Suikoden series, Final Fantasy X and X-2, Xenosaga series, Devil Summoner, Persona series and many many more.
The list is too long, but let's just said that I played quite a lot of games in PS2 from different genre.

IMHO, the best console!

I also started writing walkthrough when I have Playstation 2.
My first walkthrough was Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2.
I still laugh when I read it again, so many error in typing and so on.
Playstation 2, IMHO, is the best console and they have soo many great games.
I always like games who have an interesting storyline and a gameplay that is not too complicated.
..... yes, I am simple minded, sue me.
My most memorable game from Playstation 2 is got to be Shadow Hearts II: Covenant.
I loves the story, the characters and all the jokes inside it.
If they have the PS3 version, I would love to buy it.
There's also Legaia Saga, Rogue Galaxy, Dark Cloud II, Star Ocean III and many many more.
I love you Playstation 2!!!

Then Playstation 3 comes.
It takes a long time before I finally manages to get one for myself.
I don't have too much collection and I have to admit that Playstation 3 doesn't have a lot of games for my taste.
Most of the games that I've played, I've borrowed from my friends.
I only owned a selected games, like Sengoku Basara series, Dynasty Warriors series, Metal Gear Rising, Eternal Sonata and some other games.
My favorite game in PS3 is got to be Tales of Xillia-2.
Why? Because it is the first time that I feel good by getting the Bad Ending.

Nice console, but few good games

I am not the kind of guys who are impressed by graphics.
Nice graphics is okay, but if the gameplay and the story sucks, I am not really interested in it.
And in PS3, I almost lost my love for Final Fantasy series.
While FFXIII is interesting, the sekuel (both XIII-2 and Lightning Returns) is not.
Now I just hope Final Fantasy XV which will be out next year (hopefully) can fix my love for Final Fantasy...

Now, let's talk about the handheld.
I have Playstation Portable and so far, haven't thought about getting PS Vita yet.
PSP is fun and they have some decent games, a bit more than PS3, IMHO.
I enjoy playing God Eater Burst, Dissidia, Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki, Growlanser series, Persona 3 Portable and many more.
My favorite game for PSP is Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, in fact this game is the game that pushed me to buy PSP.
The second game that came close is Final Fantasy Type-0, if only the ending....  
Too bad that my PSP is broken now, so I can't play it anymore.

Small, but enjoyable

So, what's next for me?
Playstation 4 maybe?
I don't really know, so far the only PS4 game that managed to interest me is Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (even though I've played it on PSP before).
And considering how lame the internet access in my country, I don't think I can buy game Online.
Digital is cheaper, true.... 
But the effort to download it, at least for me, can be annoying.
2GB can take at least a day to download and considering the size of one game, which can be at least 8 GB, it could take about 3 days to do it.
..... And that if the connection is stabilize and not disconnecting in the middle of downloading.

But despite it all, I just want to say thank you for Sony Games.
Thank you for this 20 wonderful years!
Hopefully you will get better in the upcoming years!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I love playing Hidden Item Mysteries Games!
Mystery Case Files is one of my favorite.
Becoming Master Detective is always fun and I have fun by nearly gluing my eyes to the monitor, trying to find those annoying little things that usually hidden in the corner.
The latest one that I have is the newest title!

Mystery Case Files 11 - Dire Grove Sacred Grove 

And here is my review!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


If you have played Tales of Xillia-2, there is 1 thing that is quite annoying, which is...
Yes, 20,000,0000 Gald is not easy to find, even doing quest it will take a while.
Many people said that the easiest way to gain lots of money to pay your debt is playing Poker.
Using Poker, you can trade chip and take Iolite Ore, which you can sell for 20,000 Gald.
But I can't play Poker and I usually ended up losing most of the time.

However, I do manage to clean the debt!
Sure it take a while, but I am perfectly happy because it add level for my characters!
... Since I love grinding.
Here is my way for repaying Ludger's debt.....

1. New Game+
In Grade Shop, get 2x Gald (300), 5x Experience (2000) and Inherit Accessory Item (500).
If you want to clear the debt without New Game+, you can do it the other way.
Which is Poker, buy Iolite Ore and repeat....

2. Equip Sephira + Lottery
Once you start your New Game+, equip Sephira to one character that you will always use (in my case, Ludger).
If you can get Blue Sephira (from Nia Khera) in your previous game, that'll be nicer.
Lottery is one of Leia's skill, but Ludger will have access to it once Leia's Affinity reach level 1.
The skill doesn't stack, but bringing Leia and Ludger (with Lottery) will give bigger chance for the skill to  be activate.

3. Food
Alway bring Mabo Curry with you and eat it when fighting monster.
When you run out, go back to the nearest town and buy another.
I always have Small, Medium and Large portion ready before entering dungeon.
Then I pick my enemies, those plant enemies (like Tree and stuff) usually give more Gald than the others.
I also abused the Encounter Link, to save food effect.

4. Finish the Game
Yes, you heard me.... Finish the game,  in other words... You should kick ******'s a** as soon as possible.
Save your game and load.
Doing this, you will start on the last save point on the Land of Canaan.
Head back to Spirius Corp and meet up with Nova and her sister (forgot her name) to open up the new Ex-Dungeon.
To explore the dungeon, you have to pick a character who have 8 heart on the relationship.
So start abusing those Friendship Potion.... I strongly suggest you bring Elize with you.
The enemies in the Ex-Dungeon will give you lots of money and Exp,
Combine it with 2x Gald, 30% more Gald (Food Effect), Sephira / Blue Sephira and Lottery (both with Ludger and Leia), and you can grab lots of Gald in no time at all.

There are no save point in this dungeon and you return to the beginning of the dungeon when you beaten 2 boss (that means 4 floor of random dungeon) or the boss beaten you.
With the first money that you have,  buy new equipment in Fenmont.
Then beat up the new Ex-Rare Monster, for more money!

I spend hours in the Ex Dungeon and after beating 8 bosses, Ludger''s finally pay his debt clear!
The benefit that I got from here:
1. Lots of Material that I can sell
2. Silver / Gold Dice that you can use on the Poker game
3. Level up - I reach level 150 here and still going
4. Money

So, yeah...
It might not be the best way and may take lots of times, but it works for me.
If you are better in playing Poker, maybe Poker is your best bet.
For me... This is the way that help me earn the PERFECT BODY Trophy!
Yeaaaah!!! ^-^b

Thursday, October 23, 2014


It's almost halloween and I almost finish two of  survival horror games!
Because I play them both almost at the same time, I've decided to make one review for both game!
Which is....

                      ALIEN ISOLATION        +   THE EVIL WITHIN

So, here we go!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


A couple of days ago, I went for a very short trip to Singapore.
The last time I went to Singapore was about 10 years ago, in 2004.
I went there with my father and my sister, and Singapore managed to impressed me.
It's clean, organized and most of the people are friendly.

Time changes everything....

Sunday, October 12, 2014


I like tea, drinking tea can help me relax.
I don't know much about tea, so I am not an expert.
I just pick a tea that smells nice and taste good, then enjoy it to my heart content.
I've tried a lot of places that sells tea in my city, but most of them only have regular tea.
Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Green tea or some fruits taste... it's getting boring.
There are Twinings, but they're a bit overpriced for me and I didn't like their taste too much.

It was on 2013, when I went to Kyoto that I found Lupicia, located not far from Hongoji Temple.
I nearly lost my breathe when I saw the variety of tea in there!
Black Tea, Flavored Tea, Green Tea, and many more.
I have a hard time deciding which one that I like....

Leaving Japan, I know that I want to have more of Lupicia's tea, but Kyoto is too far away. T^T
That's when I found out about Lupicia in Singapore!
You can check out their website here.
Every time my friend in Singapore have time, I asked them to buy some of their tea and bring them to me so I can taste their delicious tea.
My favorite is definitely the Cookie, taste great with milk! *slurp*

Last weekend, I finally have a chance to go to Singapore.
And for what reason? Got a lot of reason, but my top priority is to go to Lupicia, Singapore.
It's located on the Great Wold City, Basement 1 and it is easy to located!
I nearly scream in delight when I found it!
Jacky and Joey helped me a lot, and I forgot to apologize because I must look like a dork....

The Lupicia Singapore is not as big as Kyoto's but that doesn't mean that it is not impressive.
They still have over 100 kind of tea and I'm having  a very hard time deciding what to buy.
I asked some recommendations, smelling here and there.... and finally choose 3 kind of tea.
Caramel and Rum, Muscat and Matcha Au Lait Strawberry.
They also have lots of cute things that related to tea, and also some packages.
These packages are perfect for birthday, anniversary or just a gift for friends!

Also keep an eye on their seasonal tea!
When I come there, it was near Halloween, so they have sweet autumn!
The package looks cute too. ^_^

Now for the taste!
The Caramel and Rum taste great! 
I like it, not too sweet and with a bit of milk, it taste nice.
Perfect to accompany me while I'm playing games.
The macha au lait also taste nice, I used it with low-fat milk.
The strawberry taste is not too strong, which I think it's okay because I don't really enjoy too much strawberry on my tea.

As for the Muscat, it taste goooood.
I thank Joey for helping me choose this one....
It's recommended to drink this when the climate is hot.
Ice Tea Muscat + hot days = heaven   :3

If you are in Singapore and what to experience a different kind of tea, you can drop by at Lupicia.
Have fun there!

Friday, October 10, 2014


This month, I got my 2nd interesting video game on Wii U.
The previous one is the new Fatal Frame and the next one is....

So, here is my review about the game.
Warning! There might be SOME spoilers!

Saturday, October 4, 2014


The newest Fatal Frame has arrived!!!
I finally manages to try Fatal Frame: Oracle of the Sodden Raven, or Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko, since this game only released in Japan....
And since Wii U is Region Locked, it's a bit hard finding a Japanese Region Wii U here...
But after some efforts here and there, I finally able to try it out!
And here's my review!

Warning! There will be some spoilers!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


So, yesterday someone asked me to join playing a game... a card game.
It is called "Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game"
I don't usually interested in playing card game, but my friends managed to convinced me to join.
........ IT'S FUN! ^-^

Basically, the point of the game is making a story to fit the END card.
To play, you are given a couple of cards (depend on how many people are playing). There are couple of cards, like Character Cards, Places Cards, The Ending cards and so on.

From the cards, you have to make a story that reasonable enough to reach the Ending cards. It sounds simple enough. HOWEVER, the other player can interrupted your story if one of two things happened.

1. They have a card that related to your story
Example :
Your story : The Queen is wise and beautiful...
Other player: I have the beautiful card! So I will continue on. The Queen is wise and beautiful, but she's actually a witch! And eats children at night!

2. They have the Interrupted Card
The Interrupted Card can be used depends on their type. Interrupted Character Card can be used whenever other player used their Character Card.
For example:
Your story: A long time ago, there lives a Princess (character card)
Other Player: No, an old man! (put interrupted character card)

If you can't continue your story, because your card didn't support your story or you just run out of ideas, you can pass and take 1 other card. If someone interrupted your story, you have to take 1 card. However, if you interrupted the story and can't continue, you have to take 2 card.

The key to win the game is to make a story that end with your THE END card!
If you think The End card only have,"And they live happily ever after.."....... YOU'RE WRONG! XD
The End card have quite a lot of variety and some of them have twisted ending.
Making your story to match your ending is quite a challenge, but that's what makes it fun.
It can turn into a wonderful story, or end up twister or humorously.
I enjoy playing this game, maybe you want to try to!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


I like LINE.
Mostly because they have cute stickers that managed to expressed my emotion.
I like those stickers, but not the cute ones.
Mostly the one that I have are taken from anime or game.
So far I got City Hunter, Professor Layton, Saint Seiya and Uta no Prince.
The other usually a gift from friends and I rarely used it.

But lately, a local product sticker catch my interest.
Meet GON!

This little onion have many expressions and have to admit that he looks kinda cute. ^_^
Made by Monster Diary Studio, this cute onion only cost IDR 9,900. 
I don't know about you guys, but I like all of the faces that he makes. XD
If any of you like onion, like me....
You can grab the sticker through the link here!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Just got my hand on Tales of Xillia-2 and I enjoy it tremendously!
I always enjoy playing Tales series because they have interesting story.
I always experienced roller-coaster emotion every time I play Tales series.
And Tales of Xillia-2 is no exception!
Here's my review!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


We already talk about Tokyo, now let's  talk about the next big city in Japan.... OSAKA!!!
Osaka is also one of the town that I recommended to visit.
It's a bit cheaper than Tokyo and AirAsia also have flight there.
Kansai Airport located further from town, though, so keep that in mind.
If you land during daylight, make sure you visit the Tourist Information.
Whether you want to use IC Card or Japan Rail Pass, you will use train to head out from Kansai Airport.

So, what can you do in Osaka.
Actually... Just two....

Monday, August 11, 2014


Sooo, I get hooked up playing Phantasy Star Online 2.
Thanks for a friend of mine...
Mind you, I play little Online Games and Phantasy Star Online 2 is my 2nd one.
So far I only play 2 Online Games, which is Rusty Hearts and Phantasy Star Online 2.
Now, let's talk a bit about it...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Berkaitan dengan travelling, kalau mau travel ke luar negeri, mau nggak mau kamu butuh satu hal penting.
Dimana mengurus Paspor? Tentu saja di Kantor Imigrasi.
Belum pernah ke luar negeri? Yah, ada kepercayaan sih (entah siapa yang percaya) kalau buat paspor, itu jadi "pancingan" buat bisa ke luar negeri kelak.

Bagi yang masih bingung bagaimana cara mengurus paspor, nggak perlu khawatir.
Mengurus paspor sekarang jauuuuh lebih simpel dibandingkan jaman dulu.
Jaman dulu kan selalu ada calo, kudu bayar lebih mahal dan nunggunya amit-amit lamanya....
Sekarang udah nggak repot lagi, yang perlu dilakukan adalah punya sambungan internet.

Saya akan jelaskan bagaimana cara mengurus paspor dengan layanan Online.
Setelah tersambung dengan internet, tinggal klik ke Layanan Imigrasi Online
Kalau sudah diklik, akan muncul tampilan seperti dibawah ini.
Tinggal klik dibagian Pra Permohonan Personal.

Setelah menklik Pra Permohonan Personal, akan muncul tampilan berikutnya.
Isi data yang diperlukan sesuai dengan data pribadi yang dimiliki.
Kemudian pilih tipe permohonan yang akan diajukan.
Antara mau buat paspor baru, perpanjang atau mengganti pasport.


Setelah memilih tipe layanan paspor mana yang ingin dipilih, lanjutkan dengan memilih berapa halaman paspor yang dibutuhkan.
Hal ini akan berpengaruh terhadap biaya yang dikenakan ke kamu kelak.
Isi sisa data yang diperlukan sampai bawah.
Untuk biaya, berikut biaya yang diperkirakan akan keluar.
* Paspor biasa 48 halaman Rp. 300.000,-
* Paspor biasa elektronis (e-passport) 48 halaman Rp. 600.000,-
* Paspor biasa 24 halaman Rp. 100.000,-
* Paspor biasa 24 halaman pengganti yang hilang yang masih berlaku Rp. 200.000,-
* Paspor biasa 24 halaman pengganti yang hilang yang masih berlaku Rp. 100.000,-
* Paspor biasa elektronis (e-passport) 24 halaman pengganti yang hilang yang masih berlaku Rp. 800.000,-
* Paspor biasa elektronis (e-passport) 24 halaman pengganti yang rusak yang masih berlaku Rp. 350.000,-
* Paspor biasa 48 halaman pengganti yang hilang yang masih berlaku Rp. 600.000,-
* Paspor biasa 48 halaman pengganti yang rusak yang masih berlaku Rp. 300.000,-
* Paspor biasa elektronis (e-passport) 48 halaman pengganti yang hilang yang masih berlaku Rp. 1.200.000,-
* Paspor biasa 24 halaman pengganti yang hilang/rusak yang masih berlaku disebabkan karena bencana alam dan awak kapal yang kapalnya tenggelam Rp. 100.000,-
* Paspor biasa Elektronis (E-passport) 24 halaman pengganti yang hilang/rusak yang masih berlaku disebabkan karena bencana alam dan awak kapal yang kapalnya tenggelam Rp. 350.000,-
* Paspor biasa 48 halaman pengganti yang hilang/rusak yang masih berlaku disebabkan karena bencana alam dan awak kapal yang kapalnya tenggelam Rp. 300.000,-
* Paspor biasa Elektronis (E-passport) 48 halaman pengganti yang hilang/rusak yang masih berlaku disebabkan karena bencana alam dan awak kapal yang kapalnya tenggelam Rp. 600.000,-

Apa bedanya 24 halaman dengan 48 halaman?
Well, menurut keterangan petugas disana, sebetulnya tidak ada perbedaan.
Karena tidak ada Undang-undang yang menyatakan bahwa 24 halaman lebih baik daripada 48 halaman.
TAPI jeleknya petugas Imigrasi Jakarta Selatan, mereka terus menerus menyinggung bahwa 24 halaman biasanya merupakan paspor untuk TKI.
Maaf kalau saya bilang, memangnya kenapa dengan paspor TKI, pak / bu?
Kalau kita memang jarang jalan-jalan ke luar negeri, dimana dalam waktu 5 tahun kita cuman 1 - 2x ke luar negeri, ngapain juga kita ambil 48 halaman?

Apa bedanya paspor biasa dengan e-paspor?
Well, e-pasport sepertinya lebih ekslusif.
Harganya juga jauh lebih mahal dibandingkan paspor biasa.
Tapi e-pasport masih berupa buku kok, hanya saja katanya ada chip di dalamnya.
Apalagi dengar-dengar kabar, kalau menggunakan e-pasport maka saat pergi ke Jepang, kamu bakalan mendapatkan visa gratis.
Hal ini belum ketahuan dengan pasti karena saya nggak mengajukan e-pasport. ^^a

Setelah mengisi semua data pribadi, pastikan alamat e-mail terisi dengan benar dan ajukan permintaanmu.
Tidak lama kamu akan menerima e-mail yang meminta kamu membayar ke bank BNI 46.
Dengan kata lain, kamu HARUS pergi ke Bank BNI 46 terdekat, tidak bisa melalui ATM.
Bersama e-mail tersebut, juga disertakan dokumen yang harus diprint.
Print dokumen ini dan bawa ke Bank BNI 46 terdekat untuk membayar.
Biasanya akan dikenakan biaya tambahan sebesar IDR 5,000. 

Setelah membayar, klik link yang disertakan di e-mail dan jika sudah membayar, maka akan muncul konfirmasi. 
Kamu kemudian harus memilih hari dan tanggal yang dipilih untuk pergi ke Imigrasi, terserah padamu.
Walaupun demikian, tiap hari akan ada kuota, jadi jika hari yang kamu inginkan tidak ada, besar kemungkinan kuota hari itu sudah terpenuhi.
Setelah memilih hari, akan datang e-mail berikutnya. Print dokumen yang disertakan di e-mail tersebut.

Di hari yang dipilih, datanglah ke Imigrasi dan disarankan datang sepagi mungkin.
Imigrasi Jakarta Selatan terletak di daerah Warung Buncit yang macetnya amit-amit di pagi hari.
Saya datang jam setengah 8, itu pun sudah cukup ramai dengan antrian.
Di Jakarta Selatan, nomor antrian dibatasi sebanyak 200 nomor.
Pengunjung dibedakan menjadi 3, yaitu Manula (termasuk yang sakit) serta anak kecil, Pengurusan Paspor Manual dan Pengurusan Paspor Online.
Tergantung ke tiga hal ini, nomor yang diberikan juga akan berbeda.
Pengurusan Paspor Online akan lebih cepat dibandingkan Pengurusan Paspor Manual, jadi sabar saja saat mengantri.

Yang harus dibawa adalah KTP asli, Kartu Keluarga Asli, Paspor Asli (kalau perpanjang) dan Akte Kelahiran / Ijazah Asli.
Semuanya harus difoto copy di kertas A4 dan nggak dipotong.
Kalau nggak sempat, ada layanan fotocopy di Imigrasi Jak - Sel kok, tapi 1x copy IDR 1,000.
Setelah mendapatkan nomor antrian, duduk manis sampai dipanggil.
Saat dipanggil, masuk sesuai nomor loket dan serahkan semua dokumen yang diminta.
Nggak lama kamu bakalan dipanggil, langsung foto serta wawancara pendek.... terus pulang.

Untuk Imigrasi Jakarta Selatan, butuh waktu 3 hari sebelum paspor selesai.
Di tanggal yang ditentukan, datang di atas jam 1 siang karena pengambilan paspor hanya dilayani setelah jam ini.
Tunjukkan bukti pengambilan untuk mengambil nomor antrian dan tunggu lagi.
Nggak lama, paspor baru bisa diambil.
Foto copy dulu dan berikan foto copy paspor baru tersebut ke loket.

Seriously, nggak ribet!
Nilai minus dari Imigrasi Jakarta Selatan cuman yah satu itu....
Menekankan mulu bahwa paspor 24 halaman adalah paspor TKI, yang aku nggak ngerti apa salahnya...
Lain daripada itu, pelayanannya bagus dan cepat kok.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Alright, so there are some guys who still confused where to go.
And like I said so many times, I haven't been going THAT much around Japan.
So, let me tell you more about the cities that I went to when I went to Japan.
For now, let's focus on the Main City in Japan, which is...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


September approaching!
I like September, because September is the month where Japan held the biggest game event, which is Tokyo Game Show!
I went to Tokyo Game Show 2011, Tokyo Game Show 2012 and Tokyo Game Show 2013.
I went to Tokyo Game Show 2012 with my friends, but I went alone on the other.
For those who didn't know, TGS is separated into 2 Session (each session is 2 day).
The first one is the Business Day, closed for public and can only be enter by those who work on media or business game related. Usually held on the first 2 day.
The next 2 days are the Public Day, as the name indicated, it is open for Public.

For those of you who wants to go to Tokyo Game Show in the upcoming years, I can give you a couple of pointers.

1. Come early.
This is important if you want to come on Public Day.
That's because the line can be very long on Public Day.
Some even starting queue very early in the morning (like 5 - 6 in the morning), even though the door opens at 10.
This is during business day and it keeps on going until outside

2. Prepare drinks
It's going to be VERY crowded inside.
And with a lot of people packed inside, it will become hot and damp.
You can buy drinks inside, but if you want to save money, it'll be better to bring your own.
Vending machine also available inside, usually located on the back, near toilet.

3. Patience
You need to have patience if you go to Tokyo Game Show.
You need to queue for everything, don't cut in between queue, it's basic ethic, really.
When entering, you have to queue.
When you want to try a game, you have to queue.
When you want to buy merchandise, you also have to queue.
Be patient...

4. Free Merchandise
It's true that you can get free merchandise from different Publisher all around the place.
However, sometimes they need to be earn.
To earn it, usually you have to play their game first and they will give it to you when you finish it.
It's best if you try to find publisher who give you a big bag, so you can keep all of your free merchandise inside it.

5. Avoid Merchandise Area
This only apply if you want to save money, if you don't... then go ahead and head to merchandise area. ^-^
There are A LOT of things that can be bought from Merchandise Area and some of them can be quite rare.
Usually, when you enter a merchandise booth, you will be given some kind of form.
Then you will enter a row of display and pick what you like.
There will be the name of the item on the form that you were given, and all you have to do is making a check on the item that you want to buy.
When you finish, just give the form at the cashier and they will get the item that you want.
Otherwise, there will be a lot of item on display and you can just pick them from the shelf.

6. Don't bring too many things
True that you can make use of the locker located on Makuhari Messe or the station.
But it will be filled fast, especially in Public Day.
Locker during Public Day usually being used by cosplayer to keep their stuff.
So better if you travel light, because at the end of the days, your hand will be full with merchandise anyway....

7. Leave early
If you don't want to be caught up in the rush hours, then avoid leaving close to closing hour.
Of course this is depends on you, nothing wrong if you want to stay from opening until closing time.
Just prepare for the rush hour, it can be very crowded on the train and on the bus.

Friday, July 4, 2014


So, Free! Season 2 is just air and my FB wall is filled with it.
Nothing wrong with that, I like watching Free! and I enjoy the first season.
Before that, a friend show me Senran Kagura.
It's a game on PS Vita, and I think it's pretty good.
The gameplay is nice, and I always enjoy action.
But then it's start getting weird... clothes rip, breast bouncing and so on.
Then I realize... FAN SERVICE!

Just like Free! who offers "subtle" fan service for girls, Senran Kagura also have fan service for guys.
I look back again then notice Queen's Blade...
Well, sure... Free! have fan service, but nothing like... ripping clothes until they only wear underwear!
Then again, guys in video games have more "moral" then the girls in video games (especially in Japanese games).
The girls in Senran Kagura and Queen's Blade have no problem fighting around almost naked.
Dead or Alive, thankfully, "only" limited to sexy clothes and bouncing breast.
....... But maybe because us girls just feel disturbed when seeing guys fighting wearing only underwear? ^^;

Is fan service really necessary to sell a game?
It's true that most gamer are usually male, and nothing sell more to male than sexual attraction, right?
Well, I guess that depends on each person...
For me, well... maybe because I am a girl, seeing all those bouncing is really irritating...
Then again I don't really find a lot of fan service for girls in video games, most of the fan service is limited to good looking characters.

I ask again, is fan service necessary to sell a game?
Unfortunately, the answer is YES.
Let's admit it, there's too many games and gamer are starting to get fewer.
Most of them move either to mobile or PC, while handheld or console is starting to get left behind.
Because there's too many games, of course the publisher have to make the game looks interesting enough.
Good story and gameplay sometimes is not enough to attract more gamer to buy their games.
So they need more attractive element....
Considering that most gamer are male, of course they decided to sell the one thing that attract guys the most... which is, FEMALE.

Attract the gamer first, so they buy the game and (hopefully) they will enjoy the game itself.
Or they can release the game, and sell the sexy DLC costume later on...
You might say that it doesn't work, but at least it works for Dead or Alive series.
Otherwise, why they keep the DLC costume going?
Those costume are not cheap, but they still sell.

The same thing can be said for anime, of course.
Put big breast girls, tsundere and any other -dere for fan service, add with some emo story, and most of the times, it will sell.
For girls, put a bunch of good looking guys with -dere variation, flash some hugs between guys, show some skin, and most of the time it will sell as well.
Whether I like it or not, fan service do sell well.
And as long as the developer can keep on making great game (or anime), I guess I am willing to bear with the fan service things....

In the meantime, have some b***bs...

Sunday, June 29, 2014


I know this review is reaaaallly late.
But I just got my hand on Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS).
I've been wanting this game ever since it came out, but they only have the Special Edition, which cost more.
Why not buying virtual? Well, I like collecting the package.
It gives me... a sense of accomplishment, I guess? ^^a

I've been playing a lot of Megaten series, although I didn't play the original one.
I enjoy playing Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, Shin Megami Tensei Avatar Tuner and Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha.
Right then....

Saturday, June 28, 2014


So this Saturday, I went to watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 with my Best Friends.
I was reluctant at first because I didn't enjoy How To Train You Dragon before, it was interesting but not enough for me.
But both of my friends can be pretty convincing when they want to, so... I follow them.

The first thing that I love is the comedy in the movie.
It's light and somehow it feels just right, blend in with the rest of the movie easily.
Even during serious talking, you can see some funny interaction on the back.
The sheep's expression in the beginning is HILARIOUS! XD
As the story goes, sure... it goes even more serious.
There's drama, but I just feels like this is the family movie that really needs to be watch by the whole family.

The story is just... WOW!
IMO, it really teaches you a little bit about how life is.
There are some people that can be changed, however... There are also some people that can't be change.
And when they want some serious business, let them have it!....... With proper back up though. 
I mean, when you got the WHOLE SQUAD of dragon on your back..... well, you can convinced almost everyone. ^^a

The music is... DOUBLE WOW!
Jonsi's song... Where Noone Goes... takes my breathe away.
I just close my eyes and I can imagine myself flying away with the song.
Really loves the music, it fits perfectly in every scene.

I almost got the movie a perfect score...
But there's one thing that bugs me all through the movie.
That is... Hiccup's voice.
It... IMO, it's gets a bit annoying with those funny noise, like you speak when you catch a cold.
But maybe that's just me....

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is an awesome film.
It's fun, it's adventurous and really recommended to watch, with your family or friends.
I don't mind watching it again. ^-^ 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


After all the OOOH and AAH, E3 2014 is finally over.
Like always, my Facebook Wall full of fan boys of certain brands, each one claimed that their brand is the best.
Well, I have my taste and I don't really care about brands, as long as they give me games that I can enjoy.
Murder: Soul Suspect got a low rating and people complained about it, but I enjoy it a lot, although I do wish it can be longer...
There are some interesting games from E3, and that really makes my day!
Here are some of them!

Monday, May 26, 2014


Many friends have asked me every time they plan to go to Japan,"Where should I go in Japan?"
My answer is always the same..... Depends on your interest.
If you have time (and money, of course), knock yourself out and explore Japan until you are fully satisfied.
But if you don't have both, of course you have to choose your best interest and go to the city of your choice.
I haven't been to a lot of town in Japan, so I can't really give good advice.
But here is my opinion...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Time out!
So, I play games mostly on console.
I never pay interest on gaming online, mostly because I prefer to play alone.
I don't like PvP and I don't like tournament.
Even though I am a console player and PS3 did assist Online, I rarely went online to play.
Most of the Online Games have no story, just roam endlessly.
However, Rusty Hearts did managed to capture my attention.
I loves the character's design, but most of all I love it because it have story!
I am really curious about the characters and the antagonist.

Basically, there are 4 characters (Class) to use.
Frantz, Angela, Tude and Natasha (not available on the pic).
Each character have 3 type of weapon.
Frantz with Sword, Axe and Double Sword.
Angela with Magic Sword, Scythe and Glaive.
Tude with Gauntlet, Claw and Demon Hand.
Natasha with Revolver, Rifle and Weapon Bag.

The game genre is hack and slash, with dungeon crawler.
Basically, we accept a quest, enter the dungeon to finish the quest then report back.
This can be quite a boring task, but I loves the interaction between us and the NPC.
They always have absurd dialogue and I can't help but connected to them.
The town is small enough, but it will get larger once you get further down on the story.

Dungeon can be explore alone, however when exploring Very Hard Mode, it's a lot easier using Party.
At the end of the dungeon, boss awaits and some of them are really annoying. 
But they do give challenge here and then, especially when they drop Soul Piece on Very Hard Mode.
The Soul Piece can be use to make stronger weapon and like all games, stronger weapon means easier battle.
After killing the boss, you will be grade and can choose card. 
You can get Gold or item, however item only appear whether you pick up any Rare Card (Bronze, Silver or Gold Card) when exploring or not.


Of course because of limited character, their appearance can be quite dull.
That's when Costume come into play. Yes, I can play "doll" with Frantz! ^-^
Why I pick Frantz? Well, I'd prefer choosing a good looking character, so it motivates me more.
There's tons of costume to try out, and I already have my eyes on some of them.
But Frantz's costumes always problem with HAIR! XD
I didn't like the hair too much, so I think I will stick with the original one.
Angela also have pretty nice costume.
I guess girls character always have prettier costume... ^^a

Overall, I think Rusty Hearts is pretty nice online game.
Probably because I always like hack and slash game.
Sure, there are some puzzle in dungeons, but nothing THAT hard, so I can ignore it.
The action is fast and the combo is not difficult.
You can play with gamepad too, but I prefer using keyboard.
Lots of "subquest" available, like Fishing and Farming.... But I think I will be too busy exploring dungeons.

Right now in Indonesia, Rusty Hearts is on CBT.
So I have to be little patient to truly play the game to it's fullest.
I am also feel curious about the story, especially about Frantz.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


So, ever thinking about going to Jakarta?
What is the most famous thing in Jakarta?
Monas? Lots and lots of shopping center? Heat? The people?
You can say a lot, but Jakarta is actually quite famous for one thing.... TRAFFIC JAM!
That and also corruption, but let's talk about the traffic jam.

In most country, there's rush hours, usually start in the morning and in the afternoon, can go for about 1 - 2 hours.
However, in Jakarta, there's no such thing as rush hours because ALMOST every hours is rush hours.
Let's see....
7 - 10 is the Morning rush where everyone head to the office, school or college.
12 - 2 (sometimes 3) is the Lunch Break, where a lot of people went out of the office to the nearest shopping center to buy food and most of them are taking either taxi or private car.
5 - 8 (maybe more) is the Afternoon / Night Rush where everyone went home, if you are lucky.. at 8 most of the road will be quite clear.

Traffic jam in Jakarta demand your patience and your ability to drive.
There are motorcycles who likes to slip between cars, private cars that keeps on switching lines and also bus.
One of public transportation that I use the most is Transjakarta, who copied the mass transport system in Bogota, Colombia.
But don't compare those two together because Transjakarta aren't even near of those in Bogota...

Now, taken from Wikipedia...
"During rush hours, people from upper or middle classes (one of the main targets of TransJakarta) usually prefer to use private cars or taxis to avoid inconvenience of the overcrowded Transjakarta buses even though they have to bear with traffic jams instead. Many passengers are thus lower-middle-class people who are ex-users of other less comfortable and/or more expensive commercial buses.

This situation is at odds with one of the initial objectives of TransJakarta which was to reduce traffic jam during rush hours by persuading private car owners to use comfortable public transport."

That's right, Transjakarta's is supposed to be for the upper or middle class.
But hey, who could blame those upper / middle class that refused to use Transjakarta when you know what Transjakarta is like...

Monday, April 21, 2014


How much does it cost (in IDR) to go to Japan?
Well, I guess that depends on yourself.
Why do you want to go to Japan?
If you want to go shopping or head to Disneyland / Disneysea, then you should head to the travel's agent.
All you got to do is pick one of the program that they offers and enjoy yourself.
That's because most program heading to Japan usually consist of Disneyland/Disneysea, Ginza, Universal Studio and the shops.
The cost is about 15,000,000 IDR - 20,000,000 IDR, more or less.

However, if you want to go travelling yourself, you can see a lot more things and can go on your own pace.
And it can be cheaper than going with the travel agent... And also a lot more fun, especially if you like shrine and museum.
Considering that when I take travel agents, I got voted out by the rest of the tourists who want to go shopping instead heading to museum / local attraction places.
So, let's start counting on how much you should spare for going to Japan...

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Wow... A lot of things happened in such a short time in Indonesia....
I got a bit caught up with it, almost forgot to update my blog.
Sorry about that... ^^a
Anyway, I've got Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends... weeks ago and forgot to review it.
So, I make a small review about the game.

What makes the Xtreme Legends different from the previous one?
Well, Tecmo Koei managed to put quite a long of things in the Xtreme Legends.
The most obvious one are the addition of the 5 new characters plus Lu Bu's Story.
I will talk about the 5 character later on....

Aside from Lu Bu's story, the rest of the Kingdom also have additional story stage.
There are a 1 or 2 stages where you have to fulfill certain conditions to open the next stage.
Each Kingdom have 1 "joke" stage.... except Lu Bu's story.
I recommended the Jin's joke story because it's quite funny! ^-^
Tecmo Koei also add the maximum limit of Gold, Weapon and also level.
The highest level is now 150, and of course... My Lu Xun reach that level first. ^-^V

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So a friend of mine asked me to compare between Japan and Indonesia.
I can't really say much, since I don't really lived there.
I just visit the country a couple of times, that's all.
So all of this only based on what I see during my times back there.

Oh for those who's saying that Japanese wages is better than Indonesia, do keep this in mind... Their life expenses is also higher than ours.

There are some things that I appreciate more from the Japanese though.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


From all the console that has appear today, I got to say that Playstation 2 is my most memorable console ever.
I got so many good memories from it... *sigh*
Now, let me tell you about my top 10 PS2 Games!
Oh, and also only one title for each series.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


This is just a random thoughts...
Every time I play games or watching anime, there always some characters who have "unique" laugh.
It's quite.. amusing actually. ^^a
So just for fun, I made my top 5 favorite laughs in games and anime. XD
Please notice that all of the video is not mine, they belong to their owner.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


There are a lot of memorable place in Kyoto, because there's a lot of places to go.
Most of them are historical, like Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji or the famous street of Gion.
Most people recommended going to Kiyomizudera.
But I am not like most people... ^^a
Because the place that I enjoy the most in Kyoto is... Toei Kyoto Studio Park!

This is the back door, which IMO looks cooler than the main gate.
You can see some statue of Ninja on entrance gate, quite interesting.
The back door also a lot more quieter, there is no queue so we can enter fast.
The front gate is bigger and have parking lot for bus and also nice statue.

So what's so special about Toei Kyoto Studio Park?
Toei Kyoto Studio Park is a theme park where you can experience Japan in samurai era. 
They have houses that still looks like it was in those age, also if you are lucky you can observe the filming of period dramas (jidaigeki films). 
From the guide book, this theme park is used to shoot more than 200 films per year. 
They have multiple interesting show, that is very interesting.
And this place is quite popular for student, because when I came, there's a lot of student.

I enjoy walking around the houses and there's also a small pond, where they say a ninja performance was shown.
I didn't got a chance to see it because I am more interested in looking around some more.


However, I do get a chance to see a performance about samurai lady, which is quite interesting.
You also dress up as samurai, geisha, ninja or just common people.. For a price, of course. :D

I was going to wear Date Masamune costume, but the price is changing my mind... ^^;
So I just go with the casual samurai, even that cost me about 4,500 Yen (about IDR 540,000).
You can also wear a wig and make-up, but again that cost extra....
You can wear the costume for about an hour, and taking picture with your own camera.
After an hour, you should head back to switch out of the costume.

There's also Toei Anime Museum, where you can see some things that related to the anime that they produced.
I feel like I'm going back to my childhood....
Aaah, the memories....